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Kérastase Carré Lissant: Hair Sheets…They’re A Thing

Kérastase Carré Lissant

I’m pretty sure Kérastase has opened a whole new product category with the launch of their Carré Lissant ($28), which are basically blotting papers for your hair. The timing couldn’t be more perfect as I’m getting ready to head to Israel and would like to keep my airport experience as seamless as possible. These are way easier to travel with than traditional sprays and creams, and work just as effectively to tame frizz (and are so much easier); just wipe and voila! I also love how it doesn’t alter the feel of your hair (i.e. it won’t be weighed down or feel greasy). The wipes also smell great (and not too strong; it’s a fruit mix of grapefruit, roses, and patchouli), and impart a slight shine via a thin wax coating. They were inspired by an old hairstylist trick in which dryer sheets were used on the fly to tame frizz. The one surprising thing is that these are limited edition and will only be available now through the end of 2014, so stock-up! These will be super convenient during peak frizz season come next summer! Or in just a few weeks for anyone lucky enough to jet off somewhere warm for the holidays…


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