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Aquazzura Queen Mixed Media Sandals: A Piece of Italy

Aquazzura Queen Mixed Media Sandals

One of my favorite things to do in Florence is shop at uniquely Florentine boutiques like the new Aquazzura store at the Palazzo Corsini. Besides the concept space serving as the brand’s headquarters and flagship, it’s located in a gorgeous, historical building built by the Medicis in the 15th century that was bought by Maria Machiavelli. A dose of history with my shopping? How could this getaway have been better? Now the spot is a veritable palace of shoes, and if you’re footwear-obsessed, you might as well call it mecca. It’s the only place that has the entire Aquazzura collection, including this pair I picked up (except mine is in a red that’s exclusive to the store). As the name suggests, the cuffed sandal is the queen of mixed media and done so congruently and masterfully, I already know it will be my favorite of the season. I love the shoe so much I also got a similar, shorter heelicon ($580) for more practical days! At Saks Fifth Avenueicon for $1,355.



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