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Good Bites Delivers Healthy, Raw Bites

Good Bites Delivers Healthy, Raw Bites

I’m usually crunched for time, and when I’m not, I tend to be just plain lazy. I grab whatever is easy and rarely ever actually fire up the stove. Healthy snacks are key. What I love about raw vegan snacks is that they can be decadent while also being good for you. They’re not always low in calories or saturated fats, however (mostly because they tend to be nut and/or date-based), but even the high-calorie snacks will fuel your body in a positive way. There’s a big difference, after all, when you’re getting your calories from raw cacao, agave, and dates versus getting them from overly-processed chocolate and hydrogenated oils. Your body will be able to actually put the nutrients found in these foods to use. I’m lucky that I live close to One Lucky Duck, so I’m there quite a bit picking up food and snacks, but if you’re not in the NYC area, want the convenience of home delivery, or are just looking for an introduction to the raw vegan world, check out Good Bites.

Good Bites is basically Birchbox for raw vegan food. Choose your box size and type (snacks or smoothies). Then decide if it’s one-time gift for yourself (or a friend) or if you want to opt for a monthly delivery. Next, you’ll get, depending the box, five to 21 ready-to-eat snacks delivered right to your door! All of the snacks are raw, organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, and nondairy, and there are both sweet and savory snacks in the brand’s line-up. Plus, you can freeze any of them should you find yourself with too many. Prices of the boxes range from $37 to $97 depending on the size, but no matter which you opt for, everything inside is handmade using nutrient-dense, raw, superfood ingredients.


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  1. Please! “Good Bites”? The news is out, People, agave is just like high fructose corn syrup and isn’t digested in the body either.