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Banana Republic Fall 2015 Collection: New Republic

Banana Republic Fall 2015

Who’s ready for a new Banana Republic? I know I am! Back in college, it was my jam. Now, under the direction of the very capable Marissa Webb, there is more than just plenty of promise for a warranted comeback. I attended the Fall ’15 launch, which welcomed a buzzing, enthusiastic crowd. It was the first time the brand has presented as a part of the NYFW lineup, and already Webb showed she is breathing vibrant new life into the spirit of the clothing giant.

The tailoring: seriously impeccable, on everything from classic peacoats to cropped pants to sleek blazers. And the attitude: that of the 9-5 “uniform” gone louche, playful, and most importantly, modern. The result? Clothes we most definitely want to wear. Otherwise-standard basics in neutral shades, like cable knit fisherman sweaters, ample wool trousers, and incarnations of the camel trench coat, suddenly feel fresh, thanks to Webb’s savvy eye.

The ultimate vibe of alluringly contemporary ease is in effect thanks to her induction of masculine, menswear-inspired cuts, countered by an equal dose of feminine whimsy. Webb has found the sweet spot for Banana Republic, and when it comes to daily, no-brainer fall dressing, she is hitting ours.

Banana Republic Fall 2015Wrapping paper made of my best selfies! What a fun present. Thank you, Banana Republic!

Banana Republic Fall 2015

Banana Republic Fall 2015

Banana Republic Fall 2015Banana Republic bomber jacket

Banana Republic Fall 2015

Banana Republic Fall 2015 Collection

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