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How to Have Energy – Even on Little Sleep


Who isn’t sleep deprived to some degree? Heck, even when I’m not sleep deprived, I’m tired in the morning! With that in mind I turned to Kelly Lee, trainer for, and asked her to share tips on what we could do to naturally boost our energy in the morning. Hint…all that snoozing isn’t doing anyone any good!

1. Resist the powerful urge to snooze.
Studies have shown it can actually make you more tired. It is also a symptom of sleep deprivation. The solution? Hit the sack 30 minutes earlier than you normally would to help create overall healthy sleep habits.

2. Repeat your favorite affirmation or express your gratitude.
Repeat your favorite affirmation at least three times or think of at least two things you are truly grateful for. I find it very helpful to write in my “gratitude journal” for five minutes before going to bed. If you write it down the night before, read it in the morning to start your day on a positive note and give yourself a natural boost in mood, which should brighten your morning!

3. Enjoy some much needed “me” time.
Spend five-10 minutes doing something you enjoy; meditate, have a cup of tea, read a few pages from your favorite book, etc. – and hold off on the electronics. This will give you a few stress-free moments that belong only to you. You’ll be better equipped to handle the inevitable stressors throughout your day.

4. Drink at least 16 oz. of water.
Drinking enough water is an absolute must. You wake up dehydrated and must replenish in order to avoid the associated negative side effects. It fires up your metabolism, hydrates you, flushes out any toxins, gives your brain fuel, makes you eat less…all positive things that will help you properly and healthily kick-start your day.

5. Visualize your best self and how you will successfully complete your day’s to-do list.
I’ve found meditation and practicing mindfulness can be very helpful in allowing yourself to visualize a successfully productive day, then executing! If you’re not sure how to meditate, check out some options for guided meditation videos here.

6. Eat breakfast!
Kick-start your metabolism and keep your weight in check with a breakfast made of protein, fiber and complex carbohydrates. This will help keep your energy levels stabilized throughout the day.


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