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Eboost Creates an Aphrodisiac for Working Out

Eboost Creates an Aphrodisiac for Working Out

I have an amazing personal trainer who I see every other day – spoiled, I know – but I justify the expense by reminding myself I don’t drink, do drugs, smoke, or do any of the large number of unhealthy things that so many of the people I know spend most of their disposable income on. The problem is that I have become dependent on him and it’s very, very difficult for me to motivate myself to work out when I’m left to my own devices. Getting to the gym or a run path is not a problem…it’s pretty much instinct at this point for me to put on my workout clothes first thing in the morning but once I’m there my energy starts to dwindle – that is unless I power with Eboost first. My trainer is off on vacation for two weeks; at the risk of sounding crazy, I was all, “I’m gonna get fat without you…don’t leave!!” and while I knew I wasn’t going to get fat in two weeks it did start to drink Eboost again to help me power through my workouts. Their powders are amazing. You just mix them with water; I use very little water and a lot of ice and my favorite is the Pink Lemonade. Drink it 15-20 minutes before your workout and you will get a serious kick of energy. I stopped using it for months because the effect was wearing off but now that I’m drinking it again after a hiatus it’s just like it was when I first started using it. I drink it and I almost feel like I might crawl out of my skin if I don’t run! Note that unlike Red Bull and all those other energy boosters, Eboost is totally natural and has a ton of celebrity and wellness supporters (including Oprah and Jillian Michaels).

Now they’ve launched two new complementary products, one of which takes their powders to a whole new level. Called Pow, it’s designed specifically to be had before your workout (the powders, while great for pre-workout, are actually meant to be general energy boosters throughout your day). Again, opt for a lot of ice and not too much water, and Pow will actually taste very refreshing. It has a bunch of natural components in it designed to boost those feel-good endorphins while powering workouts with caffeine extracted from unroasted (green) coffee seeds. It also has a naturally-occurring amino acid that promotes greater exercise tolerance by supporting the ability of muscle cells to buffer acid levels. Pow doesn’t have as many vitamins as Eboost’s powders, but it’s equally low in calories (15) and sugar (2 g). The choice is really energy and vitamins vs. energy and a workout-specific boost if you’re deciding which one to choose.

They’ve also launched Spruce, which is a powder alternative to green juice. At $40 for 15 packets it’s way cheaper than buying or making your own green juice and it’s super easy. Each packet has three servings of veggies; simply mix it with water, milk, juice, or a protein shake/smoothie. Spruce also works to boost energy levels with natural caffeine from whole coffee berries. I’m more one to eat my veggies, but if you have trouble meeting your daily requirement, this is an affordable, easy, and very clean solution.


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