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What the Heck is Anti-Aging Haircare?


Products that stop hair loss for men is nothing new, but there’s an increasing amount of so-called anti-aging haircare products on the market that are now made specifically for women. To find out more about this growing category we spoke with Kathleen Jennings, the founder of BeautyNow.

What specifically does anti-aging haircare mean?
When people say anti-aging, it is to maintain the hair shaft in the best possible way. It’s working to maintain the longevity of each strand. It’s important to always use a conditioning agent to keep the hair shaft moist…in other words, stay away from brittleness and dryness. Similar to the way you moisturize your skin to keep it looking young, do the same thing you do to maintain the longevity of your hair. Hair ages the more you play with it; styling, touching it, and heat-treating it all ages the hair strands. Genetics also play a role. When you aren’t eating properly, you often shed hair. Similarly, when you aren’t eating well, you most likely aren’t taking in the proper nutrients to benefit your body, and in turn, benefiting each hair strand coming out of your body. Sun Aging: Similar to the way you want to protect your face/body with sunscreen, you want to sunscreen your hair. Sunscreen your hair!! Don’t forget to protect the scalp; spray your scalp and hairline, and when in doubt, wear a hat!

Is there a difference in how men and women’s hair ages? 
There typically is no difference in men vs. women’s hair aging. Women lose hair on a genetic basis just as men do, but it tends to be a more diffuse process, often taking years to become obvious due to length of hair. Women typically have more underlying causes of hair loss, which could be linked to anemia. Men typically lose hair around the crown or frontal hairline, which becomes more “noticeable.”

What can we do to help stop hair from aging?
Eat healthy. It’s one of the best ways to maintain hair follicles coming out of your head in a healthy way. Hair naturally grows an inch per month. It slows in growing when your metabolism isn’t working properly. Protein helps hair grow (think turkey, fish, dairy and eggs), and of course, legumes, lentils, sweet potatoes and nuts (walnuts especially!). Take supplements to help healthy hair growth. BIOTIN is a major one. As far as products, look for products that are paraben and sulfate free – these shampoos usually have added antioxidants in them. This helps in maintaining the longevity of your hair. Sulfates are harsh on the hair so it’s better to avoid them. It’s also beneficial to always coat the ends of hair with an oil (I like Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil) to keep it from becoming brittle and dry. This maintains the “youth” of the hair. The reason hair begins to look dull is because it is losing its natural shine. Like you go to the dentist to get whitening, your hair needs a gloss. Gloss is like lip gloss for your hair. It gives it a natural shine look. The natural oil sometimes doesn’t reach all the way to the end, so it can look more dull at the ends. Gloss will boost your hair’s natural reflective quality.

How can we make sure to not buy products that are just gimmicks?
Products that lack parabens and sulfates are best. These two typically are used to create longevity of shelf life but are harsher on the head. They strip your hair too much of its natural oils.


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