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Nancy Gonzalez Flower-Embellished Crocodile Clutch: High-Powered Flower

Nancy Gonzalez Flower-Embellished Crocodile Clutch

A brilliant statement clutch as much a beautiful display object as it is a key piece of function. No one needs to tell Nancy Gonzalez that. She’s nailed the balance yet again, this time with her flower-embellished hexagonal box. This incredibly delicious and adorably tiny clutch is just the right shade of fuchsia, and it has bloomed just in time to kick off summer.

It’s hard to believe it’s constructed of crocodile. The intricately cut petals appear delicate and eerily real, while the pebbly texture of the exotic skin adds to the fullness of the blossom. Even though it’s obviously striking, the little size allows for plausible frequent wear, and it comes with a crossbody strap made of a self-covered chain so you can bring it down a notch for more casual wear. No matter how you appropriate it, this lush flower is guaranteed to get you plenty of laser-focused attention. On NET-A-PORTERicon for $2,200.

Wear with: Highlight the clutch’s geometric lines with a shapely sandal, like Gianvito Rossi’s pyramid-cutout suede stiletto in muted gray. At Bergdorf Goodmanicon for $1,230.

Nancy Gonzalez Flower-Embellished Crocodile Clutch

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