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How to Store Your Clutches: What’s In Store

How to Store Your Clutches

Are all your clutches stacked up on your shelf in some sort of disarray? Clutches are hard to store because they are thin, so you’re prone to stacking them on top of one another for space economy, but that is the absolute worst thing to do. Or you may stand them up like books, but then you find they fall and bend in the center. And if you keep them all in dust bags, good luck finding the one you need in a timely manner.

From precious minaudières to exotic skins to oversized day clutches, my solution is simple and cheap: clear shoe boxes, mainly from the Container Store. Even if I am storing only a few in each box, I actually can fit more clutches in my closet than I otherwise could because I can stack the boxes. And for clutches I don’t even use that often, I opt to store their boxes on the floor of my closet, instead of using much-needed shelf space. I simply fold the dust bags underneath the bags, so I can see what’s what (it’s always good to keep the dust bags with their bags for when you travel). For the neat Snobs, you can color coordinate or sort by size.

1) Men’s Shoe Box: The great thing about the shoe boxes at the Container Store is they come in a wide variety of sizes. The mens’ shoe box is great for your average evening clutches, but you can mix and match and get the taller ones for oversized clutches. I like the fact that they are stackable, so you can really make use of your closet space while keeping them safe and visible. At the Container Store for $3.79 each or $34.90 for a case of 10.

2) Heeled Shoe Box: Here’s a nicer box with ventilation. They’re all very inexpensive, so you might want to opt for this upgraded variation with perforated holes. Breathing room is especially important for your exotic skins that require proper ventilation.

Whenever you purchase products that come with those little packets to prevent humidity, save them and drop them in each of these boxes to keep moisture under control. This is really important if you have a box that is sealed tight. At the Container Store for $6.99-$9.99 depending on size.

3) SneakerC Luxury Sneaker Display Box: If you have a rock star’s walk-in closet and need professional displays, I found these acrylic sneaker boxes that are meant to be seen, like trophies. The size is great, but you will be wasting valuable space so save these for the really special clutches. On Amazon for $42.



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