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DL1961 for Bag Snob Distressed Jeans: The Lean Machine

DL1961 for Bag Snob Distressed Jeans

Years ago, we fell in love with DL1961 denim and went on to collaborate with the company on a half a dozen stretchy styles, so when the time came to curate our 10th anniversary collection, the decision to work with DL again was a no-brainer. They make the best distressed jeans in the world. In Snob-exclusive gray, this cross between a boyfriend and a skinny offers a casual feel without any of the sloppiness you tend to get with true boyfriend styles (since it’s a relaxed fit, you can order down one size if you’re typically in-between). Not only does their revolutionary 360-degree stretch fabric make this the most comfortable denim you’ve ever put on, but it somehow also manages to suck you in at all the right angles. Who needs to go on a diet with DL in your closet? Seriously, they are that good! You can wear them uncuffed, but personally I love to roll mine up. Preorder your DL1961 jeans by October 12th at Snob Essentials for $175 (expect shipment on November 30th), and remember to use the code Snobby20 for 20% off this or any of the other Snobiversary pieces, now through the end of September!



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  1. Sounds like a great fabric. That is my main concern when it comes to denim, I love it really because it’s easy to pair things up with it but it kind of gets tight and heavy sometimes. It’s nice to find something that stretches well and still looks as awesome! 🙂

    1. The amazing thing about the DL denim is that is will never stretch out, and becomes loose. I’ve had some of their jeans for years, I throw it in the wash, and they always come back like new.