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Heidi Klum x Hermès Birkin: A Camo Cameo

Heidi Klum x Hermès Birkin

Camo may have originally been designed as a means of fitting in with one’s surroundings, but that is certainly not how the fashion crowd utilizes it now. In fact, the effect is quite the opposite. Sure, Heidi Klum would look good carrying anything, but when I saw this photo on my friend The Bag Hag’s Instagram, I barely even registered her presence. Look at that Birkin (our sources tell us this is a special order piece– lucky Heidi)! As a very exciting study recently noted, Hermès’ iconic accessory is a better investment than stocks or gold, and you best believe this is one special Birkin. While you could credit the colorfully-patched jacket, orange fur, or rainbow shoelaces with grabbing our attention, again, the true reason is the bag. Camo canvas and army green croc give the beloved style a fresh and more casual feel, reminding us that ordering custom (be it an Hermès treasure like this or anything else!) is the best way to stand out and show your fashion stripes.

Heidi Klum x Hermès Birkin

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