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To the Rescue: Ormana Visage Anti-Age Facial Serum


Travel, summer and kids. How are they related? They all contribute to aging!! If you have kids and are traveling in the summer, there are many things that make you age by the minute. I literally can see wrinkles form in front of my eyes. Sleeplessness, poor diet, being in the sun for way too long, dehydration, whining kids, whining kids who want to be at the beach for 10 hours, wine and then more wine because of the afore mentioned. But this summer, I had a secret weapon and instead of seeing wrinkles set in like in a horror movie, things stayed in place and in fact, got better. Of course I used plenty of sunscreen and wore hats when possible but I always do that and they curbed the damaged to some extent but not completely.

The Ormana Visage Anti-Age Facial Serum is designed to target and renew stressed out skin cells. The fig and argon oils help to nourish and keep the skin plump and healthy. But it’s not at all greasy and absorbs instantly, so adding moisturizer and sunscreen on top will not make you feel heavy. You will see a difference after a week’s use, the radiance will be the first thing you’ll notice then when the contouring that effect, especially around the eyes, you will be hooked like me!

So the summer is over you say, well I am here to tell you that although summer may be a rough time of year, the fact is Fall and Winter causes more damage due to dryness, heaters, cold air and snow (if you live in snowy climates to go skiing, keep in mind the snow reflects 85-90% of the sun’s UV rays back at you!). Summer is when you pack on the sunscreen but winter is when you moisturize moisturize moisturize then add a healthy dose of a powerful serum to your regimen. Ormana Visage Serum for $120.




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    1. I also have the day cream and love it too but I wanted to focus on the serum because it is the best I’ve ever tried.

  1. OMG I discovered this brand Ormana couple of month ago and I do agree 100% I use the Argan oil based day cream and it feels so light and leave the skin feel firm and soft! Absolutely in love 🙂

    1. It’s so nice to discover something that truly works! And then talk about it with others who feel the same =) We can be firm together!!

  2. I have been using this product from a month and this has really impressed me a lot. I have dry skin and after one use there was a noticeable difference in my skin. Though I was little bit worried before using this about its effect but that was not the case the results were good.