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Fri 11.21

Clinique Long Last Glosswear SPF 15: two thumbs up!

Winter is that time of the year when your SPF needs are at the highest risk of neglect. When cold weather nips at your nose, it’s easy to forget that the sun can still wreck its powerful aging havoc on your precious face! Unfortunately, when you slather your face with sunscreen your lips usually get […]

Thu 11.20

Physicians Formula: Plump Potion ROCKS!!!

If you were given the chance to dig into the makeup bag of your favorite beauty snob, I would bet some cash that you would find Diorshow Mascara. I have also been a loyal Diorshow aficionado for most of my adult life, that is until today….Today, I tried Physicians Formula: Plump Potion… And when I […]

Thu 11.13

DEX New York

Confession: This may come as a shock, but I must come clean- My dream job is not actually to be a ‘Beauty Editor’, it’s to be a world famous Super Model!!… While I’m not going to quit my day job (which is pretty fabulous), I do live out my fantasy on the weekends at various […]

Mon 11.10

Chidoriya Lip Balm gets the Beauty Snob seal of approval!

Hi Beauty Snobs!! I got an email from one of you asking for a recommendation for a good chapstick, and specifically what I thought about Japanese beauty brand Chidoriya. When I turned 16 I had two drawers of lip gloss and every flavor of Bonnie Bell on the market… so I definitely feel qualified to […]

Mon 10.20

Kiss Breast Cancer Good Bye!

This month, I’m sure most of you have noticed that we at Beauty Snob have been all about supporting our fellow woman. We are so excited to tell you that one of our favorite up and coming beauty companies has done their part, as well =).  Me by {me}zhgan has a special October promotion to […]

Fri 10.17

Much Cooler than Hermes: Herman Bag from Marc Marmel

Herman Bag by Marc Marmel $1,488 Old things are cool (and no, this is not some kind of encrypted endorsement of John McCain). Young things may sometimes be more beautiful, but beautiful is hardly cool. The cliché, as clichés are wont to do, is based in truth. A wrinkled face has more character. A weathered […]

Fri 10.17

WebSnob: October 17, 2008

FabSugarshows you the bag to have: Fringe Hobo Cary-All 55 Secret Street snaps up a few things at Shop Bop’s Fall Sale.. A Few Goody GumDrops gives away a Pink flat iron to support Breast Cancer Awareness. Stiletto Jungle explores the Nordstrom Beauty Power of Pink section. All About the Pretty can’t wait to spray […]

Thu 10.16

Coming up short on Halloween Costume Ideas? …MAC has you covered!

While having lunch with my mother this weekend, I started telling her about what I wanted to be for Halloween. My own mother then delivered a crushing blow- she told me that I (at the tender age of 22) am too old to dress up for Halloween!! -gasp!- Is it true?! Well, since mothers are […]

Fri 10.10

WebSnob 10-10-08

Couture Snob has found the perfect bootie for Fall! How can you deny yourself Barbara Bui’s Hidden Platform Strap Bootie? FABSUGAR: Everything she touches turns to gold- Kate Moss, looking chic while running errands in moccasins and cut-offs. Stiletto Jungle takes a look at Lauren Conrad for Linea Pelle handbags. Angelina Jolie breastfeeding on the […]