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Fri 05.01
Derby Day Drinks and Diamonds!

Derby Day Drinks and Diamonds!

Jewelry designer Julia Hagen pairs cocktail rings and cocktails for Derby Day! Read about her picks here…

Mon 12.29
The Art of the Thank You Note

The Art of the Thank You Note: Rule of Three

You got all of those wonderful gifts from family and friends. Now it’s time to show your appreciation! Make sure your thank you notes are just right with tips from guest author and etiquette expert Kimberly Schlegel Whitman…

Mon 10.14
Damien Hirst Designs an “Entomology” Bag for Prada

Damien Hirst Gets Buggy for Prada

Art Snob Maria Brito tells us about Prada’s recent collaboration with Damien Hirst. The bug-embellished bags are sure to make you squirm!

Wed 09.18
Surviving Whole Foods

Surviving Whole Foods: In Need of Namaste

Need a midday laugh? Comic Kelly MacLean recounts her Whole Foods survival story (warning: the contents of her wallet do not make it out alive) that will have even the store’s most devoted shoppers cracking up. Read her Huffington Post article after the jump…

Wed 09.04
5 Decorating Tips from Kelly Wearstler

5 Decorating Tips from Kelly Wearstler: Getting More from Décor

Living without color is like living without love. Experiment with color. Make a mood board of tear sheets and design images that inspire you. Use neutrals and metal patinas to ground louder color schemes. For example, gunmetal can make pastels feel less precious for a look that is richer and more elevated.

Mon 07.29
The Heat is On

The Heat is On: Summer Beauty Tips from Jamie O’Banion

The brains behind Beauty Bio-Science, Jamie O’Banion, shares her summer make up tips!