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Tue 09.02
Valentino Rockstud Removable Pouch Crossbody Bag

Valentino Rockstud Removable Pouch Crossbody Bag: Stealth Gear

Upon first impression, this looks like your standard gorgeous, Rockstud-bedecked Valentino bag. In reality, it’s so much more – with a genius design. Deftly constructed with a slim silhouette, this compact crossbody features a removable pouch that makes up the slender back portion of the bag.

Mon 09.01
Fall with Forzieri

Fall with Forzieri: Charlotte Olympia Pandora Clutch Giveaway!

While summer may feel like it’s over, as long as there are new fall giveaways to win, I’d say it’s worth switching seasons! We’ve teamed up with Italian retailer Forzieriicon to bring you four beautiful bags, ranging from the fun and unusual to the classic. Each week, we’ll reveal a new accessory, starting with this Charlotte Olympia…

Fri 08.29
Lanvin Private Embroidered Clutch

Lanvin Private Embroidered Clutch: Privacy Please

Fact: An elegant and timeless clutch is never wrong. Another fact: Lanvin excels at creating elegant and timeless clutches, pieces that are as refined and nuanced as they are quietly evocative of the house and the distinct brand of femininity they represent.

Fri 08.29
Spring into Action

Spring into Action: Edie Parker Flavia #Hashtag Clutches Giveaway!

Only a couple of days left to enter the giveaway! With the help of sponsors Edie Parker and Spring, we have not one, but two customized Flavia #Hashtag clutches – one in pearlescent white and another in navy!

Thu 08.28
Taga Bike-Stroller

Taga Bike-Stroller: Transforms Your Life

It’s insane how smart this stroller is. I’m going to have another baby just so I can use it! Okay, not actually, but why do all the fun, ingenious inventions come about after they are worthless to me? Well, if you have a tot, you’re in luck, and I highly highly recommend you get this.

Thu 08.28
Zero + Maria Cornejo Ima Bag

Zero + Maria Cornejo Ima Bag: Zero the Hero

I am in love with this brand for the subtle genius in their effortlessly cool and unpretentiously modern designs. Zero + Maria Cornejo’s ready-to-wear is inventive, flattering, and special – and it has been for 15 years.

Wed 08.27
Kirna Zabete Sale

Kirna Zabete Sale: Up to 75% Off!

The Wednesday blues getting you down? Fight them off with some cure-all shopping! Kirna Zabete has marked down its sale items up to 75% off, making it 100% guilt-free. Stock up on last-minute summer essentials, or ready your wardrobe for fall with blazers, jewels, and form-fitting Roland Mourets.

Wed 08.27
Saint Laurent Paris Metallic Leather Ankle Boots

Saint Laurent Paris Metallic Leather Ankle Boots: How the West was Won

As soon as I saw these unapologetically gold boots, my first thought was, buy now! Every season I get a new pair of booties, and it’s not the first time that Saint Laurent’s Paris have been the ones…

Tue 08.26

Top 5 Capes: Suit Up

Capes are for superheroes. And of course, all women qualify as those. The cape has been a thing for a few seasons now but this Fall, it is a must. The best thing about the style is, it doesn’t matter what you wear underneath. Well, at least it doesn’t matter as much…