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Thu 01.14
Golden Globes Trend

Golden Globe Trend: Cape Dresses

Can we all just agree that Jennifer Lopez was the best-dressed at the Globes? That dazzlingly bright marigold Giambattista Valli gown with the cape was everything. The caped-crusader trend definitely didn’t start with the always-flawless star (remember Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford at the 2012 Academy Awards?), but there’s no doubt she’ll be the one to mainstream it. Be prepared to see cape everything, starting now.

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Fri 01.08
Top 5 Chic Ergonomic Shoes

Top 5 Chic Ergonomic Shoes: Good for Your Sole

Sensible shoes are on the rise. Or is it just my age? There is no reason you need to look schleppy just because you care about foot health. Or not being in pain. You can totally rock these ergonomically sound shoes and still keep your style in tact. As a matter of fact, these five are so good, they prove “ergonomic” doesn’t need to sound like a bad word. Embrace it!

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Thu 01.07
Quick Simple Ways to Update Your Living Room

Quick, Simple Ways to Update Your Living Room

A new year requires a fresh start. If your living room is starting to feel drab, there are quick and easy updates you can make that won’t break the bank or require a sledgehammer. This is the best time to buy furniture and home goods because of the crazy sales going on, so stock up now and enjoy your refreshed space sooner rather than later!

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Tue 01.05
New Bag Trends for 2016

New Bag Trends for 2016: The Big Kick-Off

Let’s start off the New Year right by taking a look at the trends that are going to take over the upcoming months. All things fun and fabulous are definitely in store. A feeling of exuberance and optimism can be seen everywhere, which makes me happy. I can already tell this is going to be a stellar year for fashion – and for life! to be a stellar year for fashion – and for life!

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Thu 12.31
5 Ways to Update Your LBD for Under $100

5 Ways to Update Your LBD for Under $100: Accessorize and Shine

LBDs are sleek and sexy, but if you’re wearing them right, they’re just backdrops for accessorizing, canvases to be adorned. In honor of New Year’s Eve, don’t merely pull out your usual jewels and bag; there are ways to completely revamp and up your LBD game, and I’m sharing a few of my favorites here. With any of these embellishments, no one will even be looking at your dress!

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Tue 12.29
What You Didn’t Get for Christmas

What You Didn’t Get for Christmas: Top Bags and Shoes for a Redo

Nobody over the age of 12 gets everything they want for Christmas, right? Well, the best part of this time of year is the fact that everything is on sale – so we can go get what we want for ourselves! It’s almost a crime against the season to pass up on these crazy steals. At least you can tell yourself that, in case you’re in need of something rationalizing. Here is my list of the best bargains right now on things I’ve been wanting all year long…

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Tue 12.22
Top 5 Food and Cocktail-Inspired Bags

Top 5 Food and Cocktail-Inspired Bags: Eat, Dress, and Be Merry!

It’s that time of year when we have feasting and drinking on the brain (much to our New Year’s resolution-fueled January 1st selves’ chagrin). Why not playfully put this on display with our accessories? When everything is lit up brightly enough to hail a spaceship, your usual boxy, black tote seems tired. Wire up with a tasty treat! And while these kitschy bags may seem frivolous, some are actually more practical than expected – making the holiday hangover just a little less painful.

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Mon 12.21

New Year’s Resolution: Spend Less and Get More Bags

We all want to spend less, all year round, but this New Year’s you can really stick to your resolution to save, thanks to so many enticing options for bags that are frugal yet uncompromising on style and quality. These bags are ones you’ll want regardless of price. They are that good.

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Fri 12.18
Top Gifts for Moms

Top Gifts for Moms: The One that Matters

Out of all the VIPs in your life, the most important person on your list is your mom. She gave you life! Enough said. Make sure she is pampered and spoiled this season. If that sounds like a difficult task, not to worry. I’ve combed the shops far and wide for the best foolproof gifts every mom will love, without fail…

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