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Fri 12.11
The Shape of the Season

The Shape of the Season: Getting Boxed In

The shape we are obsessing over right now is the rectangular box. It’s actually one of the most classic shapes, but we go in phases when we gravitate towards a particular silhouette (from the slouchy hobo to the structured tote or bucket) and right now, the rectangle is where we’re headed.

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Tue 12.08
Frugal Gifts for the Bag Snob

Frugal Gifts for the Bag Snob: Small Gift, Big Presence

So you have a true Bag Snob on your list, but you just can’t seem to track down the elusive Himalayan Birkin. Oh, and your bank account isn’t an endless pit of hundred dollar bills. Alright, then, what does she reasonably want? Bag accessories, of course. Nobody can get enough of cute pouches, dangly charms, or little coin purses to complement their most fabulous bags. The trick is to find something truly unique that will get an emotional reaction, like one of these top Snobby picks…

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Tue 12.08
Frugal Wine Snob

Frugal Wine Snob: Notable Wines for Around $30

In the midst of a dizzying holiday party season, keep in mind one thing: bringing wine to a dinner doesn’t have to be stressful. Instead of spending a fortune on a “name brand” or apologizing for bringing a bottle you’re not sure about, here are some options for you to feel confident about, ones so good you can walk in and say, “Try this; it’s amazing!” Everyone likes to hear that, and when they compliment you on it, you can add, “It’s such a great find, and it’s not expensive” to impress your friends even more.

Fri 12.04

Gift Guide for Your Trendiest Best Friend: You’ve Got This in the Bag

Picking up a slew of pretty little things that you can gift to any of your friends would be the easy way to shop for the holidays; but for your best friend, not just any chic thing will do. For the trendy girl in your group, I’ve pulled together a selection of pieces – at various price points – that are sure to please her ever-changing tastes, and set you at the top of her thank you list…

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Thu 12.03
Snob Essentials Emoji Coasters

Halo Home Emoji Coasters: Emotional Roller Coasters

With the holiday season in full swing, I imagine you’re scanning Pinterest boards and Googling for dinner party inspiration daily. But just remember not to drive yourself crazy. This is supposed to be fun! And truly, all you need for a memorable gathering is good people, good conversation, and one standout feature, be it the food, the decorations, or…the coasters.

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Wed 12.02
Top 5 Must-Try Primers

Top 5 Must-Try Primers: Prime-Time Slot

If you wear foundation without a primer, you may want to reconsider your beauty routine. You can wear primer by itself, but trust me, do not wear foundation on its own. Here’s why: If you wear foundation on naked skin, all of that foundation just oozes and sinks into your pores, fine lines, and wrinkles – and makes them bigger. It’s like pouring cement into sand! Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s the same idea.

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Wed 11.25
Indulge in Cuteness

Indulge in Cuteness: Coordinated Winter Shoes for Mom and Tot

From building snowmen to running errands, depending on the activity you have planned, it’s only practical to coordinate your footwear with your tot’s shoes during the winter. Going totally matchy-matchy is way too much, especially on the wallet, and while you can store your pricier pair away for next year, you don’t have to make the same investment on your tot’s, who will grow out of hers by Valentine’s Day.

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Tue 11.24
Top 5 Big Winter Bags

Top 5 Big Winter Bags: The Big Freeze

‘Tis the season that brings out the Santa in all of us. To play the part, a bag big enough to stash all your gifts is definitely in order. And when you’re done granting everyone’s wishes, the impending temperature dip certainly makes for the time of year that requires plenty of room for toting extra cold weather gear.

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Thu 11.19
Top 5 Rock-Formation Clutches

Top 5 Rock Formation Clutches: Between a Rock and a Haute Place

Getting back to nature has never been so chic and glamorous. Usually when you think of taking a hike, dusty trails and jagged edges come to mind. Some of these rock-inspired clutches definitely feature the latter, but in the sleekest way possible.

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