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Wed 04.02
Pierre Hardy Denim and Leather Shoulder Bag

Pierre Hardy Denim and Leather Shoulder Bag: The Jean Genie

To all you distressed cotton, acid-wash, and frayed-to-a-fringe bags out there, this is how you do denim. Make like Pierre Hardy and don’t take the idea literally. Go figurative, and stick to keen structure and polished leather piping, so the effect is anything but trashy.

Tue 04.01
Luxe DH Giveaway

Luxe DH Giveaway: Chanel Bag!

We’re taking April showers pretty seriously around here, with not one, not two, not even three, but four prizes to give away this month! Each week, we’ll reveal a different bag from pre-owned accessories purveyor LUXE DH, offering four chances to win (though you can only take home one).

Mon 03.31
Spring Break Style

Spring Break Style: Away We Go

Have a tropical getaway coming up? Though it’s fun to indulge in a little pre-vacation shopping, the last things we need are pieces that you can only get away with wearing on an island. Spend your Spring Break looking as cute as can be with a breezy outfit that will take you through to summer, whether you spend it lounging seaside or running around your hometown.

Mon 03.31
Tamara Mellon Treasure Leopard-Print Calf-Hair Shoulder Bag

Tamara Mellon Treasure Leopard-Print Calf-Hair Shoulder Bag: Small Wonder

We Bag Snobs define the Treasure bag as that special piece we keep forever or pass on to future generations, usually coming in a luxe exotic skin or amply embellished to unique levels of covetability. Tamara Mellon, of Jimmy Choo fame, defines her Treasure bag as this itty-bitty spotted number.

Mon 03.31
Summer Sandals

Summer Sandals: Flat Out

Now that spring has officially begun, it’s time to stock up on the next season’s must-haves – summer sandals!

Fri 03.28
Lanvin Spring 2014 Jewelry

Lanvin Spring 2014 Jewelry: Starstruck

For the Lanvin Spring 2014 collection, it was all about hearts and stars, but these are not the petite kinds of hearts and stars you see on so many dainty jewels today. They’re mega oversized (though believe it or not, these are smaller than the pieces that initially went down the Parisian runway!).

Fri 03.28
Baraboux Reema Stingray Watersnake Clutch

Baraboux Reema Stingray Watersnake Clutch: Feel the Sting

Here’s a surefire way to make a neutral piece pop: the juicy infusion of yellow doesn’t merely read like a lightning bolt on a classic deep-gray clutch, it’s also exactly what the summer calls for. Mark my words: you will be amazed by how wearable and versatile bright lemon yellow is once you welcome it into your palette.

Thu 03.27
Smythson Quentin Jones Collaboration

Smythson x Quentin Jones Panama Collection: Artistic License

Some collaborations are nothing but a natural fit. Smythson’s latest Panama Collection marks the second capsule partnership between the leather company and artist Quentin Jones. Best of all, I love Smythson and their clean, simple shapes readily lend themselves to artistic embellishment.

Tue 03.25
Carven Broderie Anglasie Kiwi-Print Dress: Picking Fruit

Carven Broderie Anglasie Kiwi-Print Dress: Picking Fruit

Carven’s quirky prints always have me coming back for more, and the latest fanciful piece comes with a serving of oversized kiwis. The magic of the French house is that it can take a look like this that seems as if it would be perfect for tots, and give it a surprising taste of understated sophistication.