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Mon 07.07
Bottega Veneta Medium Intrecciato Flap Shoulder Bag

Bottega Veneta Medium Intrecciato Flap Shoulder Bag: Clap for the Flap

I don’t say this about too many designers, but I love it when Bottega Veneta gets complicated. Well, maybe complicated isn’t quite the right word. Tomas Maier is too smart for that; with him and his creations, it comes down to complexity. The deceptively complex effects of Bottega’s bags are thanks, in part, to the fact that he really knows how to show restraint.

Fri 07.04
Splendid Byron Bay Tote

Splendid Byron Bay Tote: Hold It At Bay

While it’s tempting to bring your favorite soft calfskin, luscious suede, and elaborate exotics to the beach or pool, you know tossing such skin on the sand or wet concrete goes against your better judgment. And really, at the end of a long, sweaty, sun-scorched, splash-soaked day by the water, it’s not worth the worry.

Thu 07.03
Fendi Tricolor Satchel Bag

Fendi All the Way Bag: Handles-Down Favorite

This season, it’s all about ingenious handles, from Nina Ricci to Fendi. Don’t think kooky, clunky chains that have decidedly hands-off results; instead, think taking yours with a cool-looking twist that actually helps you out in the process.

Thu 07.03

FlipBelt: On the Flip Side

Once I got the FlipBelt, I had no idea how I ever lived without it. There never seem to be pockets in your workout clothes, whether you’re a runner, biker, climber, or avid dog walker. It’s hot, so you’re not going to wear a jacket, and you don’t want to carry a backpack just for keys and a phone. The FlipBelt is the perfect solution (and surprisingly simple – why didn’t I think of this??).

Wed 07.02
Mini Melissa Sugar Rhino Boots

Mini Melissa Sugar Rhino Boots: Bring on the Rain

These tiny rhino boots are so cute you’ll wish it would start sprinkling outside (especially if you’re living through the California drought!).

Wed 07.02
Nina Ricci Lutece Leather & Suede Messenger Bag

Nina Ricci Lutece Leather & Suede Messenger Bag: Days In

Nina Ricci is on a roll, and as for their latest, I am loving this easy-to-incorporate-into-your-life satchel!

Tue 07.01
Frank & Eileen

Frank & Eileen: Made in the USA

You probably already have plans this weekend that involve friends, fireworks, and a lot of delicious food. Though that’s certainly a great way to celebrate July 4th, how about adding on to that? By shopping! Yes, there really are few things more American than that, however, I’m talking about socially conscious shopping – supporting a clothing line that builds up our economy and provides jobs for Americans.

Tue 07.01
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: The Fringe Factor

When it comes to fringe, there’s a fine line. Everyone is doing it now, and you can always bet designs run the gamut from good taste to bad form to just plain ugly looks…

Mon 06.30
Fake Bake Mistifier

Fake Bake Mistifier: All in a Spray’s Work

By now, you’ve long since removed your rich creams from the vanity and replaced them with lighter moisturizers, but I’ve just found an oil-free option that’s going to blow those out of the water – and actually does so by adding water!