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Mon 10.06
Smythson Soho Python Clutch

Smythson Soho Python Clutch: Judging a Book By Its Cover

If you’re only buying one evening clutch for the season, let this be it. With a book-like gusset, you get the structure of a perfected minaudière but the overall feel is much more casual, allowing you to dress it however you wish and need.

Fri 10.03
Frugal Friday

Frugal Friday: Club Monaco Ela Editor’s Bag

When you’re craving the high that comes with buying a new bag, the frugal approach is best. It’s Friday. You’ve had a long week and you want to reward yourself! If you reward yourself every week, though, the tab will reach crazy heights in no time. This on-trend black and white polka dot printed bag is just the right fix.

Fri 10.03
Frugal Friday Linea Pelle Hunter Tote

Frugal Friday: Linea Pelle Hunter Tote

It’s been a while since I’ve found myself drawn to a slouchy, effortless tote. The kind you can – and undoubtedly will – use to death, and then will continue to use because once it’s all worn in, it suddenly has a whole new look. But here I am again, and this time it’s Linea Pelle’s frugal find that has demanded my attention.

Thu 10.02
Valentino Rivet Color-Block Leather Shoulder Bag

Valentino Rivet Color-Block Leather Shoulder Bag: Revved to Rivet

From rock studs to rivets: Valentino is currently easing up on their trademark (to the point of ubiquity) hardware and going for a lighter look with a smattering of delicate rivets. The level of metal might be turned down a few notches, but this bag manages to still pack a punch when it comes to covetability.

Thu 10.02
Exclusive Luisa via Roma Discount

Exclusive Luisa via Roma Discount: 20% Off!

Yes, you read that right! I got us an additional 20% off already reduced items on Luisa via Roma. They really love us Bag Snobs there! Some of these are pieces you’ve been pining over all year, waiting for them to go on sale, so here’s your chance to snatch them up at an even bigger discount.

Wed 10.01
BOYY Samuel Leather Clutch Bag

BOYY Samuel Leather Clutch Bag: Winter of Sam

A clutch for evening, a pouch for day, and an organizer for your tote when you need a larger bag: these types of bags are the ones that always land at the top of my list. And once I start using them, I can’t stop. BOYY’s Samuel bag is on the larger size, bigger than wallet scale, which makes it an ideal daytime clutch.

Wed 10.01
Siaomimi Red Riding Hood Cape

Siaomimi Red Riding Hood Cape: Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Cold weather is coming, and while you and I love shopping for cute outerwear, tots are not at all excited about bundling up. With this Siaomimi Red Riding Hood cape, there’ll be no more fighting over getting that coat on, though! She’ll be more than happy to wear this to grandma’s or anywhere else.

Tue 09.30
Myriam Schaefer Dino Leather Bucket Bag

Myriam Schaefer Dino Leather Bucket Bag: Buckle Up Your Bucket

The genius of Myriam Schaefer lies in the fact that both her appeal and aesthetic are underestimated, but it’s possible this bucket bag will change that.

Tue 09.30
Feather Shoes

Feather Shoes: Tickled by Feathers

When you think of feathers and shoes, you think of boudoir house slippers like these frilly Sophia Webster mules. There are so many more options than those, though. Feathers had a big showing at couture (most memorably at Chanel) so you can expect the trend to trickle down.