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Fri 10.30
Tech Cases

Top Techie Cases: High (Fashion) Tech

For better or worse, we look at our phones, and other gadgets, basically all day long, so don’t they deserve something special? And since it’s not your main accessory in the spotlight, your iPhone or iPad case is where you can really let loose and opt for something you wouldn’t normally carry. Snakes? Sure! Studs? Bring it!

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Wed 10.28
Top 5 Tween-Worthy Bags Worth Splurging on For Your Daughter

Top 5 Tween-Worthy Bags Worth Splurging on For Your Daughter

There is nothing more difficult than getting a mother and a pre-teen or teen to agree on something. But when it comes to fashion and bags, you might have a rare chance at a consensus. I asked my daughter for help on this one…

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Wed 10.28
The Best Box Subscriptions

The Best Box Subscriptions: Thinking Outside the Box

I have searched the entire Internet (okay, almost the entire Internet) for the best box subscriptions out there, and these are my favorites. I didn’t pick a clothing box for women because we know you Snobs out there have that area covered.

Wed 10.21
Top Rainbow Bags

Top Rainbow Bags: Here Comes the Sun

Shorter, colder days mean more time indoors and less sunshine, but let’s look on the bright side. Just when the gloom of fall has settled upon us, we get a burst of gorgeous rainbow-bright bags to cheer us up. The best thing about rainbows, besides the mood-boosting factor? They literally go with everything. When all the shades of the spectrum are included in your bag, it will pick up whichever you want. So don’t hesitate to take the color plunge.

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Tue 10.20
13 Pain Free Spooky, Easy and Fun Halloween Party Ideas

13 Pain-Free, Spooky, Easy, and Fun Halloween Party Ideas

I love Halloween! I have to say, before having kids, Halloween was an afterthought. But now, our entire month is spent planning and doing crafts. I spent this last weekend making treats with my kids and their eight friends (yes, that would make 10 kids making messes!).

Mon 10.19
Top Shoe and Jeans-to-Cuff Pairings

The Right Cuff: Top Shoe and Jeans-to-Cuff Pairings

We’re all concerned about how to cuff, which we should be, but really it’s about which cuff goes with which shoe. You want to cuff your jeans so you can showcase your shoes but make sure you’ve got the right cuff. There’s an art to it. Just look at this array of recently cuffed celebs.

Mon 10.12
The 5 Best Busy Women's Bags

The 5 Best Busy Women’s Bags: Where Fashion and Function Meet

We suffer for our bags. There are bags so beautiful I’m willing to destroy every arm and shoulder muscle just to carry them around all day. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Then there are those days when we have to be function-savvy, first and foremost…

Thu 10.08
The Snob's Definitive Designer Directory

The Snob’s Definitive Fashion Designer Directory

Can’t keep up with who’s designing for which brand? In the high fashion world’s ongoing game of musical chairs, it can be overwhelming to keep track of the creative minds behind the brands.

Tue 10.06
Balenciaga Bal58 Leather Shoulder Bag

Balenciaga Bal58 Leather Shoulder Bag: Don’t Mess with Perfection

It’s the holy grail. “Genius” and “perfect” are words you don’t throw around too often – at least I don’t when it comes to talking about a bag as a whole – but this is a genius, perfect bag. Starting with the most striking detail, look carefully at the front pouch…