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Thu 12.01

Catch It Now

Photo credit: Coliena Rentmeester Our friend Marlien Rentmeester–Lucky Magazine editor and preternaturally chic mother of two–has FINALLY started letting the rest of the world in on her style secrets. This is the woman who always looks as if she’s stepped off the pages of Paris Vogue without ever seeming to have spent more than a … Continue reading Catch It Now

Fri 06.03

Paradise Found: Spectacular counterpoint to the minimalist moment

Cindy Chao, a Taiwanese artist currently featured in the Smithsonian, works wonders with the cold, hard elements of metal and stone, breathing life into them by way of organic inspiration. While Chao claims an interest in architecture (the profession runs in the family), she could clearly call flora her muse as well: her finely-wrought vines … Continue reading Paradise Found: Spectacular counterpoint to the minimalist moment

Tue 04.05

Should K buy this bag? Snob or Slob?

Dear Readers, K-, A snob who is traveling in Paris, has become smitten by this bag and is wondering whether or not to splurge. Will it go with enough things, she wonders? How would you counsel her? Weigh in here! Should K Buy This Bag?Market Research

Wed 03.30

Frugal Snob: Suzanne Wilson Designs

Seed Pearl Drop Earring $600 Jewelry Designer Suzanne Wilson has recently created a line of fine statement jewelry for absurdly affordable prices. The materials are real and the design is first-rate, but at a time when plastic and ribbon necklaces are going for thousands at Barney’s, the prices on these pieces are almost too good … Continue reading Frugal Snob: Suzanne Wilson Designs

Tue 03.29

Holmes & Yang: Famous Fashion

By Liza Powel O’Brien It is easy–or perhaps, to be more accurate, it is seriously tempting–to write off any celebrity’s foray into a new echelon of art or craft, whether it is James Franco and his short stories, Gwyneth Paltrow and her recipes, the Olsen twins and their t-shirts, or any number of other celebrity … Continue reading Holmes & Yang: Famous Fashion

Mon 03.28

The Yin and Yang of Suzanne Wilson Designs

What artist Suzanne Wilson seems to accomplish most regularly in her fine jewelry designs is balance. The force of a large Aquamarine stone is tempered by a delicately filigreed setting. An ethereal mother-of-pearl oval is anchored by a heavy gold signet ring. A simple, pretty diamond and white gold band for the finger is made … Continue reading The Yin and Yang of Suzanne Wilson Designs

Sat 03.19

Holmes & Yang + Valextra = Homerun

By Liza Powel O’Brien With their first entry into the handbag forum, Holmes & Yang have created the thinking woman’s no-brainer: a forever investment piece that addresses everyday practical concerns while turning heads. Valextra, the Italian luxury house, has supplied top-quality materials and workmanship to the project, while Holmes & Yang have brought a fresh, … Continue reading Holmes & Yang + Valextra = Homerun

Thu 02.24

Magic Slippers

Anyone who has watched the online video of the 2011 Chanel Haute Couture show may have noted that each and every look was shown with flats. Of course, these are not your average round-toed ballet flat–though they are made from the heavy satin of a dancer’s slipper. The toe box is pointed and the straps … Continue reading Magic Slippers

Wed 02.23

Epiphanies while fondling a million-dollar coat

by Liza Powel O’Brien American soil lost its virginity this year, when the first-ever stateside showing of Chanel Haute Couture made quiet appearances in New York and Los Angeles. Used to be, viewings of authentic current couture garment samples required a ticket to Paris as price of entry–it seems the house might be hopeful that … Continue reading Epiphanies while fondling a million-dollar coat