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Mon 10.15

Her Glossiness

I’m totally not a lipstick person. I’ll pick gloss any day of the week. In fact, I’m sort of a lip gloss addict. When I saw this new Benefit, Her Glossiness Set I snatched it up right away! Its three different double ended lip glosses in fun light shades that are perfect for fall! They’ve … Continue reading Her Glossiness

Wed 10.10


Ever since I began wearing perfume, I’ve always gravitated toward scents that contained notes of vanila. The warmness of those tones have always complimented me the best and they just plain make me happy to smell. I recently picked up LAVANILA’s Vanilla Grapefruit perfume and it’s my new obsession! Vanilla and Grapefruit may not sound … Continue reading LAVANILA

Fri 10.05

Soap and Glory

Everyone knows how I feel about Boots products. (For all you newcomers, I LOVE them!) So when I was wandering around Target this weekend and came across the Soap and Glory line I wondered if I had enough love in my heart for another budget British cosmetic line. I’m going to be honest. I picked … Continue reading Soap and Glory

Fri 10.05

Coco avant Chanel

Since this month pop quizzes center around movie trivia I thought I’d stick with the trend and dish the gossip on a bio-pic about one of my favorite ladies of all time – Coco Chanel. Who doesn’t love her? She is a fashion icon and I fully expect generations of women after me to continue … Continue reading Coco avant Chanel

Thu 10.04

Beauty in a Box

One of the most frequent requests that I get from my friends is to help them match their makeup (because you know, green metallic eyeshadow with blue lipstick looks great in the ads and all but really does not work for girls night out). They’ve watched me take painstaking care to coordinate everything I plan … Continue reading Beauty in a Box

Thu 09.27

Fall Fantasy

Something a lot of women forget to do once summer ends is update their makeup. Much like your wardrobe, you shouldn’t wear most of your makeup in both summer and winter. You shouldn’t have two completely different color schemes, stick to what looks good in your skin tone but choose warmer more wintry tones to … Continue reading Fall Fantasy

Thu 09.20

Makeup artist to the angels

Who doesn’t love Heidi Klum? We here in the Snob world are great fans of hers. So when the chance came to ask Linda Hay, Victoria Secret’s Head Makeup artist some question about the look she helped create for Heidi at the Emmys we were more than ready! The look was an amazing old Hollywood … Continue reading Makeup artist to the angels

Wed 09.19

Bootie Pies

Post by Beauty Snob Michelle I want to preface this entry by saying that I live in Boston. It gets really cold and really snowy here. That leads to some necessary evils like wearing Ugg boots. I know all the arguments against them. I’ve heard them all and made a few myself. But the fact … Continue reading Bootie Pies

Fri 09.14

Have a happy lavender day!

Another amazing place I visited when I was in Maui was the Alii Kula Lavender farm. I’ve already talked about all the great benefits of lavender so I won’t lecture all of you on it again. I did learn some new facts about lavender though, like the fact that you can use it as an … Continue reading Have a happy lavender day!