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Thu 09.13

Goats do surf!

Post by Beauty Snob Michelle When I was vacationing in Maui this past week I visited a goat farm. Yes, I’m aware that from everything you guys much know about me by now I don’t really seem like the type of girl to hang out on a goat farm in my spare time. But my … Continue reading Goats do surf!

Mon 09.10

Boots to the rescue!

We all know that one of the cardinal rules of skin care is to wash your face at night! That shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone reading this right now. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Sometimes I’m too tired to wash my face. I know, it’s really bad, but I’ll … Continue reading Boots to the rescue!

Fri 09.07


Post by Beauty Snob Michelle So I’m completely into the color blue for the fall. I’m finding tons of blue nail polish that I absolutely love, shades of navy are popping up all over the stores and I just found this fantastic NARS eyeshadow compact duo. We all know how great NARS is as a … Continue reading Underworld

Thu 09.06

The best travel brush ever!

Post by Beauty Snob Michelle Once upon a time I had a long-distance relationship. His job had him firmly planted in his town so to make things work it required me getting on a plane a lot. Over the course of many months I learned a lot about traveling (and how to put on makeup … Continue reading The best travel brush ever!

Wed 09.05

Kose Daily Pop Quiz #3

UPDATE: Congrats Lori! This is the gorgeous Petra Nemcova. Our golden girl of the day has a dazzling smile and a body to kill for. She is known for her many philanthropic endeavors as well as dating a high profile singer (wait, I think they broke up but whatever). Can you guess her identity? Leave … Continue reading Kose Daily Pop Quiz #3

Tue 09.04

Snob Worthy Links

Bag Snob Book Review by Guest Editor Linda Grant- Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster. Jewel Snob tempts you with the Serpent Bracelet by Shop Tot Snob loves Baby Hermes, it’s never too early to learn luxury! Purse Blog – Sheryl Crow style: Henry Cuir puzzle tote! Bella Sugar goes behind the scenes at … Continue reading Snob Worthy Links

Tue 09.04

Kose Daily Pop Quiz #2

UPDATE: Yes dolls, this is none other than Britney Spears! Congrats to Kaisirine! This celeb’s hair has caused so much attention I figured you’d figure out her identity even if I blacked out most of her face. Do you think you can get your answer in first? Hurry, type away! Leave your answer in comments. … Continue reading Kose Daily Pop Quiz #2

Fri 08.31

Be Fine Daily Pop Quiz #20

UPDATE: Congrats to Coachwife for finally winning!!! Valerie- send me your address please 🙂 We are ending our Be Fine daily pop quiz with a classic American Beauty… she’s one of the best actresses of her generation and greatly loved by Beauty Snob even though she prefers living across the pond! Yes, I know this … Continue reading Be Fine Daily Pop Quiz #20

Thu 08.30

Be Fine Daily Pop Quiz #19

UPDATE: Congrats to sharon for identifying this brave celeb as Renne Zellweger! So as we wind down our August pop quizzes sponsored by Be Fine natural skincare, we’d like to take a moment to thank all of our readers who have participated with so much enthusiasm! Seeing all of your comments really motivates us and … Continue reading Be Fine Daily Pop Quiz #19