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Sun 12.18

Civil Society: Beatles Meet Couture

  The Fab 4 probably didn’t dress this cool as kids (being that they were born during a war!). The love of the Beatles continues on to yet another generation, the only disagreement is whether John or Paul is cooler (the right answer is John). Civil Society has fashion for boys that is worth coveting … Continue reading Civil Society: Beatles Meet Couture

Mon 12.27

Kaloo Plush Activity Book

These plush books go from crib to library. Before your tot is ready to sit on your lap and read, he can still enjoy these pages tied to the rails of his crib. There are fun little activities they can do, like take out the plushy character dolls and crinkle the pages. Then these become … Continue reading Kaloo Plush Activity Book

Sat 06.19

Happy Father’s Day, We Love Daddy

To honor dads on this day, I have listed my top 10 reasons why they are so lovable. 1. When he says I’m beautiful, he means it with all his heart. 2. We can’t live without those hugs. 3. Can carry a sleeping baby in his arms for hours while we shop (and most of … Continue reading Happy Father’s Day, We Love Daddy

Wed 02.24

New York to Milan on a Redeye

JFK with Trunki (hoping to wear them out, didn’t work); Overcast but a beautiful view of Milan from our apartment New York to Milan on a redeye. The risk associated with taking a redeye with tots does not justify the rewards, whatever those are. Saving a day? No, you are actually ruining 2 days. Our … Continue reading New York to Milan on a Redeye

Tue 06.09

Snob TV – Interview with Bag Designer Sang A

Meet the ultra chic and trend setting bag designer, Sang A! Good thing we showcased the Fall bags cuz they’re just hitting the stores now! You must pick up a migration bag if you are a frequent traveler, the chic external straps will stow your sweater or cashmere shawl for the plane! Available in soft … Continue reading Snob TV – Interview with Bag Designer Sang A

Mon 01.07

Scratching the Surface on Jock Itch

By Rich, guest writer and husband of Beauty Snob Kelly I’m an average guy. I wouldn’t consider myself a metrosexual or anything like that, so my shower during my bachelor days had only 3 things. A bar of soap, one bottle of shampoo, and a washcloth. Ok 4, a bottle of conditioner I used every … Continue reading Scratching the Surface on Jock Itch

Thu 08.09

Be Fine Daily Pop Quiz #4

Update: Congrats to Lily for correctly guessing Rachel Ray! My friends think our celeb of the day is not feminine enough but I say beauty comes in all shapes and personalities. Do you know who this celeb in the rough is? Leave your answer in comments. First person to get it right wins the Be … Continue reading Be Fine Daily Pop Quiz #4

Thu 08.09

Be a Flirt!

Post by Beauty Snob Michelle I’ve never been a huge fan of Vanessa Minnillo. I’ve always found her to be blah and constantly wonder if she’s famous for anything other than picking up Jessica Simpson’s sloppy seconds. (I am aware she was an MTV something or other, but I don’t think that qualifies her for … Continue reading Be a Flirt!

Thu 08.09

Glam Rock!

Post by Beauty Snob Michelle I have this total obsession with David Bowie. I think there is something seriously awesome about his Ziggy Stardust years. So when Tina sent me some M.A.C. makeup samples the other day, and they were all metallic, I was super stoked and coated myself with it right away. (My dog … Continue reading Glam Rock!