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Mon 01.25

All-Natural Condoms Are Now a Thing

Condoms, at least I thought, were by and large purchased by men, but it turns out women actually buy 40% of them; and now a new brand, Sustain, is trying to capture some of that market by appealing to women with what they’re calling “all-natural condoms.”

Thu 01.21
Everything You Need to Know about Shaving Your Face

Everything You Need to Know about Shaving Your Face

You know you’re good friends with someone when she tells you she just finished shaving her face. That was the case a few weeks ago when I asked a friend what she was up to. I was taken aback. My friend is a little blonde and blue-eyed thing; what could she possibly have to shave?! “Lots of peach fuzz,” she told me before insisting that, “shaving your face is all the rage…seriously, it’s the thing to do.” I laughed it off but soon after started doing some research, and it turns out that she was right. Shaving – and not just your “mustache” – has become increasingly popular among women. Before you go take out your Venus and start shaving away, however, there are some important things to keep in mind.

Wed 01.20
Textured Nail Trend

Textured Nail Trend: Snob or Slob?

I’m loving this trend! Thanks to Paintbox I’m a converted gel nail art addict, and the textured/knitwear-inspired looks that have been sweeping Instagram take it to a whole new level.

Mon 01.18
Frugal Snob

Frugal Snob: The Many Uses Of Coconut Oil

Whether or not you’re on a budget, coconut oil is one of those super ingredients that should always be stocked in your kitchen – and in your vanity. We’re going through a serious “fat does not make you fat” moment in nutrition, which is at the basis of this trend since coconut oil is rich lauric acid, a fatty acid (while it’s a saturated fat – aka the “bad” fat – it’s metabolized faster in the body than those found from animal sources). The same fatty properties that make it a healthful dietary addition also make it a near cure-all for beauty woes, along with the fact that it’s an anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial. Make sure, however, that you’re spending the few extra dollars to get raw, organic, virgin coconut oil.

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Thu 01.14
How to Master an Ethereal and Bronzed Glow Even in the Winter

How to Master an Ethereal and Bronzed Glow Even in the Winter

If there’s one look that never gets old, it’s the healthy glow. Of course it’s best if that comes naturally, but it’s approaching the dead of winter and most of us are already pale as ghosts (I’ve been spending a great deal of time in Tel Aviv and without makeup, still look like a dead woman walking!). I swear by Clé de Peau Beauté Luminizing Face Enhancericon and Tom Ford Illuminating Primericon for enhancing my own complexion. If there are two products to splurge on consistently, these would be the two in my opinion, and I’ve found both to be universally flattering and effective. This natural beach beauty/soft ethereal glow look is always popular on the runways, and Spring 2016 was no exception, so I turned to Bluemercury district manager Emma Bruzzesi to get some more insight on how to elevate us all from “dead woman walking” status.

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Wed 01.13
The 2016 Golden Globes Beauty Trends You Need to Know

The 2016 Golden Globes Beauty Trends You Need to Know

While I’m still drooling over Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Lopez’s dresses, it will likely be a while before I have occasion to wear a floor-length Dior. The night’s beauty trends, on the other hand, are ones we can incorporate into our routines today. Here’s a look at four of the standouts!

Mon 01.11
Not Your Run-of-the-Mill Prenatal Vitamins

Not Your Run-of-the-Mill Prenatal Vitamins

If you’ve ever done a juice cleanse, odds are it was Blueprint. Or at the very least, it was a cleanse inspired by Blueprint since they’re the ones that ushered in the liquid-cleansing trend and made it mainstream. What you might not know is that the two women who founded the company sold it three years ago. Now they seem to be at the forefront of yet another trend. Listen up, Chrissy Teigen!

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Thu 01.07
How Rose Quartz & Serenity, Pantone's Colors of the Year, Will Inspire Hair Trends

How Rose Quartz & Serenity, Pantone’s Colors of the Year, Will Inspire Hair Trends

There’s been so much buzz lately about Rose Quartz and Serenity, Pantone’s Colors of the Year and for good reason, as they’re certainly going to have a great influence on fashion, beauty, home and other lifestyle trends in the coming months. In fact, they’re even likely to affect hair color trends.

Wed 01.06
Forget the Pencil

Forget the Pencil: It’s All about the Brow Pen

If I can dish one bit of beauty advice, it’s NEVER get your brows tinted. And definitely NEVER get them bleached. About two years ago after getting my hair colored, I asked the colorist at Oscar Blandi to lighten my brows – biggest mistake ever. They turned orange within a few hours, and I’ve been dealing with the repercussions ever since.

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