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Thu 06.04
A Quickie Workout Circuit You Can Do On-The-Go

A Quickie Workout Circuit You Can Do On-The-Go

Whether you’re traveling and confined to your hotel room or you simply don’t have time to hit up the gym, we’ve got a quick workout circuit you can do no matter where you find yourself.

Wed 06.03

Four Natural Deodorants that Actually Work

Natural deodorants don’t have the best reputation, but that’s changing – and it’s changing fast. Natural and organic beauty lines are expanding at a rapid pace, and the options are stretching way beyond Lavinala.

Tue 06.02

Diet and Nightmares: They’re More Related than You Think

Have you ever noticed that you have trouble getting a good night sleep after eating a lot of sugar? I have. And after many nights of sleeping poorly – even after cutting out chocolate late at night – I turned to the culinary nutritionist…

Mon 06.01
Everything You Need to Know about Water - Including if You're Drinking Enough

Everything You Need to Know about Water – Including if You’re Drinking Enough

If you ever find yourself stuck in a period with lots of breakouts and skin unevenness, try amping up your water intake. It’s amazing how much drinking water instead of coffee, soda, etc. can make a difference.

Fri 05.29
Poo Pourri

Poo Pourri: Girls Don’t Poop

When I got a press release for Poo Pourri I laughed and forwarded it to a friend (I know, I know…not very mature). To my surprise my friend responded by telling me that it’s a staple in her office and it really works!

Thu 05.28

Is Coffee the New “It” Skin Care Ingredient?

It is according to Frank Body and their impressive 623,000+ Instagram followers. While coffee has long been used in skin care, particularly in eye creams…

Wed 05.27

Your Healthy Alternative to Nutella (or at Least Healthier!)

Who doesn’t love Nutella? I saw an Instagram post that read, “you can’t make everyone happy…you’re not a jar of Nutella.” And it’s so true!! Until you read the calories, sugar, and fat content, that is.

Tue 05.26

Up-and-Coming Fitness Brands to Get You Excited about Working Out

A few days ago while on vacation, I went for a run at 7:45 a.m.; it was already 80 degrees. By the time I finished an hour later, it was 93. They say your brain is ready to quit before your body is and that’s definitely true…

Thu 05.21
Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 1.30.57 PM copy

DNAEGF Renewal: What the Heck are DNA Repair Enzymes?

The new buzz words in beauty seem to be “DNA repair enzymes.” I’m not one to get caught up in science because when it comes to beauty products all the science is mostly just marketing jargon.