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Tue 04.14

It’s Time to Add a Quick Face Mask to Your Weekly Routine

I love Dermalogica. Time and time again they’ve proven to be the one brand I can count on when people tell me they want to use sunscreen or treatment products or whatever it may be, but either they don’t like the feel or they don’t believe the products work.

Fri 04.10
Beauty_RX_DRSchultz_0148 - web

Is There a Link Between Benzoyl Peroxide and Wrinkles?

When some of the world’s most celebrated experts and publications say that there might be a connection between benzoyl peroxide and wrinkles, it’s cause for alarm for many of us worried about both acne and fine lines.

Thu 04.09

Engage Organics Salt-Free Seasoning Blends

Eating healthy isn’t always exciting. In fact it’s usually not exciting at all. While the best, most flavorful sauces and condiments tend to be diet killers, seasonings are a fantastic, low-calorie way to brighten up drab dishes, especially if you’re someone who tends to eat the same thing for dinner every day.

Wed 04.08

Frugal Snob: Maybelline Back to Black

I went through a brief black polish phase circa 2005/6. It made sense since I tend to wear a lot of dark colors; black polish matched with more or less everything I was wearing, and if you accessories right, it doesn’t have to have a goth effect.

Tue 04.07
David's Tea Launches Flavored Matcha and a Matcha Shaker

David’s Tea Launches Flavored Matcha and a Matcha Shaker

I’ve been matcha-obsessed for years and that obsession hit an all-time high when I went to Japan last year. Up until recently, however, it was pretty hard to find good matcha and even harder to find some at a reasonable price.

Mon 04.06
The Difference Between Sunblock and Sunscreen

The Difference Between Sunblock and Sunscreen – And Everything Else You NEED to Know

I know, I know..,you’ve heard it a million times. We all need to lather on sun protection every day, no matter how warm or how cold it is. But do you actually do it? And when you do it are you doing it correctly? Here are some things you might not know…

Fri 04.03
Bumble & bumble Founder Starts New Haircare Line

Bumble & bumble Founder Starts New Haircare Line

The first time I spent a good chunk of money on my hair, I was just entering high school. I went to Bumble & bumble, which was near my apartment at the time, and got a razor haircut, a choppy, short cut done only with a razor.

Thu 04.02

What the Heck is Anti-Aging Haircare?

Products that stop hair loss for men is nothing new, but there’s an increasing amount of so-called anti-aging haircare products on the market that are now made specifically for women. To find out more about this growing category we spoke with Kathleen Jennings, the founder of BeautyNow.

Wed 04.01

Valentino’s Limited Edition Uomo Edition Noire

I’ve been eyeing a studded crossbody Valentino bag for a solid three years now. Every time I’m looking to splurge I go to the Valentino store to scope it out.