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Fri 02.28
Pratima Skincare Love Oil

Pratima Love Oil

A little while ago I wrote a story on doshas and Ayurveda, and Pratima is a line of skincare, body care, haircare, and sun care products that put them to work. You can take a quiz on their site to determine your dosha, and then they will recommend products specifically for you.

Thu 02.27
Yummy Yammy

Yummy Yammy: Move Over Salsa

Who doesn’t love chips and salsa? Unfortunately salsa tends to be far from healthy when you buy it in a jar at the supermarket. Not only are most very high in sodium, they’re usually devoid of any nutritional benefits and loaded with preservatives. Now there’s an alternative thanks to Yummy Yammy.

Thu 02.27

Completely Bare BrowLab: My Eyebrows Will Never Be the Same

Brow guru Joey Healy has teamed up with Completely Bare to open a shop-in-shop brow lab, and it kind of changed my face in the best way possible! I mentioned recently that in trying to lighten my brows. They turned orange, and I was using a tinted brow gel from Anastasia to cover up the mishap…

Wed 02.26
Formula X Nail Polish

Formula X Nail Polish: The Ultimate in Long Lasting Polish

Forget every other polish brand and head straight to Sephora to pick up a Formula X polish. Or while you’re at it, might as well get their The Twenty-Two Set, which gives you a whopping 22 polishes for $55 – a $103 value.

Tue 02.25

Best of Beauty: Milan Fashion Week Fall 2014

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2014 has officially wrapped, and while most designers opted for natural looks both for hair and makeup, there were still plenty of out-of-the-box and inspiring styles. Here’s a peek at the four beauty looks we can’t get out of our heads!

Mon 02.24

Outdoor Running Essentials From Lululemon

How cool is this jacket ($228)? It’s part of a whole line that Lululemon launched featuring reflective panels, so you can safely run outdoors even when it gets dark and cold at 5 p.m. The line is the ultimate in functional and fashionable outerwear. I’ve been running in one of the reflective jackets and not only is it comfortable, it’s lightweight and warm.

Fri 02.21

Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel: Get Cara Delevingne’s Brows

I’m a natural blonde, but that blonde hair has been getting darker as I age…no biggie! Nothing a hair pro at Oscar Blandi can’t fix. My eyebrows however are a lot darker, so on a few occasions I’ve had them lightened to better match my hair.

Thu 02.20

Sweet Roots NYC: Everything You Need To Make Healthy Meals

Do you love to cook, but don’t have time to shop? Or can’t come up with recipes that are both exciting and healthy? Sweet Roots NYC is a new food delivery service (only in Manhattan and Brooklyn so far) that does everything to get healthy food on your table besides the actual cooking.

Thu 02.20

The Surprising Beauty Benefits of Honey

Legend has it that Cleopatra bathed in milk and honey…if it was good enough for Cleopatra, reason dictates that there must be some fantastic beauty benefits to honey. Honey, in fact, is a natural humectant meaning it draws water to the skin so it’s awesome this time of year when skin tends to be dry.