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Tue 08.05

Vertty: The Towel You Didn’t Know You Needed

I am obsessed with everything about new beach towel brand Vertty. Everything about their product – including the packaging – is perfect. Their towel comes in nine different color options and each has a unique zigzag design, which comes packaged in a ready-to-gift triangular shaped box.

Fri 08.01

Free Bread: THE BEST Gluten-Free Bread

First things first, let’s get one thing straight: gluten-free is NOT code word for healthy. In fact many gluten-free products have tons of added sugar, sodium, fat, and chemicals. A gluten-free cookie is still a cookie and a gluten-free piece of bread is still a piece of bread and if you’re looking to shed weight, you should avoid these.

Thu 07.31

Vitamix Launches S30 Personal Blender

I can’t imagine life pre-Vitamix at this point, but it is an investment both in monetary terms and in terms of space – especially if you live in a New York City apartment. Now the brand has launched a new product – something they rarely do – with the release of the S30 Personal Blender.

Wed 07.30

Japanese Brand Yu-Be Comes to the U.S.

I learned a lot of things when, in the spring, I went to Japan for two weeks, like…the women have amazing skin and take their regimens very seriously and I’m not just talking about the geisha. Unfortunately even in the major department stores most people don’t speak a lick of English so discovering new products wasn’t as easy as I hoped.

Tue 07.29

Jars by Dani Says Bye-Bye Cupcakes

The fashion world is over cupcakes. They’re done with fancy Rice Krispies and they’ve taken a break from macaroons. The newest sugar-filled niche dessert is Jars by Dany.

Fri 07.25
Avocado Mousse

Raw Vegan Recipes From Juice Generation to Make NOW (Yes, They’re That Good)

Would you be believe that the above dessert has avocado in it? It does. More surprisingly still, it tastes fantastic. There are few things that can get me to make the trek from the Upper East Side to Brooklyn, but the promise of a sprawling new Juice Generation with all the juices and raw-vegan fare that it entails, was enough to convince me a few weeks ago…

Thu 07.24

Health, Beauty, and Fitness Books to Read Now

I’m planning a Gwyneth Paltrow-themed potluck dinner party – themed dinner parties are kind of my thing…I don’t like to cook, but I love getting people together and I find that if it’s around a theme like Momofuku, raw vegan, or Gwyneth, it makes everyone else get more excited about partaking.

Wed 07.23
photo 5

From Milan to the Irish Countryside: Jet-Setting Across Europe Made Easy

I just got back from an amazing week in Europe that took me from Milan to Parma to Dublin to the Irish countryside to the British countryside and finally to London…

Tue 07.22

Casabella: The Neon Collection

I hate cleaning; in fact I hate it so much that more often than not I have a cleaning lady come over when I really have no justification for it ( is awesome and they can send people with cleaning supplies…just saying!).