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Wed 11.11
Here's Why Bathing in Chocolate Might Be Just As Good As Eating It

Here’s Why Bathing in Chocolate Might Be Just As Good As Eating It

Bathing and eating chocolate both sound pretty fabulously indulgent (and I hate the word fabulous!). As I write this, I’m munching on some brandy-infused chocolates I bought at Demel while in Vienna. You have to pop each chocolate whole into your mouth or risk some liquid dribble. Needless to say, it’s making it a bit easier to deal with my 4 p.m. slump.

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Mon 11.09
Here's How to Get Rid of a Blemish ASAP

Here’s How to Get Rid of a Blemish ASAP

We’ve all been there…you get up and you have a Cindy Crawford mole-sized zit on your face. The panic! When it happens to me I obsess over it and always think that everyone is staring at it. While there are a handful of actives that work well, I’ve found that far and away sulfur works the best and in particular the sulfur mask from Proactiv+.

Thu 11.05

Insider Favorite Dee & Ricky Launches E-Commerce

New York scenesters Dee and Ricky have collaborated with everyone from Marc Jacobs to Casio on artfully-unique items and while they’ve been widely sold in Japan for years, their pieces haven’t been all that easy to get in the States.

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Wed 11.04
The Design Republik

The Design Republik: Affordable, Limited-Edition Designs

When it comes to basics, I do a lot of my shopping at Zara, but there’s nothing worse than wearing something and then seeing someone else wearing that exact same piece – and this is a common problem with Zara.

Mon 11.02
Hero Clean

Hero Clean: Cleaning Products Built for Men

Most men are pigs when left to their own devices! I dated someone not too long ago who would eat something, and just leave the food and the dirty plate out afterwards. When I asked him about it, he said his cleaning lady was coming soon anyway…

Thu 10.29

Lucie and Pompette: A New French-Inspired Line

Launched this fall, Lucie and Pompette is a French-inspired line created by Eric Sakas, who helped develop Kevyn Aucoin’s product line…needless to say, this is a woman who knows a thing or two about beauty.

Tue 10.27

Aquinelle: The Toilet Tissue Spray

I’ve been spending a lot of time in Tel Aviv lately and one thing that took me a while to get used to is that over there seemingly everyone uses wet wipes (to clean multiple body parts…) and toothpicks on a regular basis – even at fancy restaurants.

Mon 10.26

Sharp’s Tea-Ceré: The Espresso Machine Gets a Tea Makeover

I’ve been matcha-obsessed for years. The obsession hit a new high when I traveled around Japan two years ago and now, finally, matcha is getting the attention it deserves Stateside.

Thu 10.22
Loliware: A Disposable Cup That You Can EAT

Loliware: A Disposable Cup That You Can EAT

Shark Tank is undoubtedly my guilty pleasure. When I’m having a bad day I’ll often spend the night at home watching a mini marathon of episodes. No matter the entrepreneur in question, it’s endlessly inspiring to see people go after their dreams and pursue their ideas…