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Thu 07.15

Eating RAW for Beautiful Hair

Guest blog by Roxie Moon Eating well contributes to overall better health, but can we eat our way to healthier hair? I’ll let you be the judge.. Our hair, skin and nails are at the bottom of the body’s food chain. The inner body (so to speak) takes and uses all the vitamins and minerals … Continue reading Eating RAW for Beautiful Hair

Thu 07.01

Honeymoon Hair by Philip Pelusi

Guest blog by Philip Pelusi Summer is a popular time for weddings and of course for honeymoons! This means time for love, romance, sightseeing and no time to fuss and fix your hair. Honeymoon hair needs to soft, romantic and quick and easy to style. Honeymoons by the sea and sand, work great with today’s … Continue reading Honeymoon Hair by Philip Pelusi

Wed 06.23

RAW or Nothing?

Guest blog by Roxie Moon RAW whole foods not only have super nutrients that feed the body what it needs, they also have live enzymes that break things down so that your body can take what it needs and discard the rest. People who are just taking on the RAW food challenge tell me they … Continue reading RAW or Nothing?

Wed 06.09

Super Fruit: The Coconut

“Abolish fear and you can accomplish anything you wish.” -Dr.C.E.Welch Guest blog by Roxie Moon I want to talk about a fabulous fruit, that is often overlooked despite it’s amazing health benefits. The coconut. According to Hindu mythology, coconut water is meant to cure all the ills in the world! Wow! That’s a tall order! … Continue reading Super Fruit: The Coconut

Mon 06.07

June Bride Hair Care! Bridal Hair Tips from Philip Pelusi

Guest blog by Philip Pelusi The major trend in bridal hair parallels one of the major trends in bridal attire which is the trend of going more casual. With several casual wear companies getting into bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses coupled with the current economy, brides now have the option to go less fussy and … Continue reading June Bride Hair Care! Bridal Hair Tips from Philip Pelusi

Wed 06.02

Simply RAW

Guest blog by Roxie Moon Eating RAW is not just great for your health, body, skin and emotions, it’s also a great way to expand your mind and creativity and doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You get to think up new combinations of flavors and textures that you like, and make your own creations. Do … Continue reading Simply RAW

Thu 05.27

RAW for Life

Guest Blog by Roxie Moon We’ve all heard the words “beauty is only skin deep” and “you are what you eat”. Well, eating RAW as a lifestyle does prolong that skin deep beauty and you do become more vibrant, energized and alive just like the foods you eat. Beautiful red and yellow peppers, vibrant hues … Continue reading RAW for Life

Thu 05.20

How to Care for Summer Hair by Philip Pelusi

Guest Blog by Philip Pelusi The summer sun may feel very warm and relaxing but its ultra violet rays are anything but soothing to the hair and scalp. Their effects are actually very damaging to hair and scalp as they actually break down and degrade hair fabric and give it a sun burn just like … Continue reading How to Care for Summer Hair by Philip Pelusi

Tue 01.26

Frugal Snob: Silver Sensation

Guest blog by — Julia DiNardo, the founder/editor of Fashion Pulse Although we can say that holiday is technically over, you can still expect to get a lot of extra mileage out of silver, metallic colors in the coming year. For spring 2010, designers have taken a strong liking to silvery, icey hues, and can … Continue reading Frugal Snob: Silver Sensation