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Wed 05.13

Sale of the Day: 40% Off at Neiman Marcus!

You’ve made it to the end of the middle of the week! Give yourself retail reward (Can you tell how desperate I am for an excuse to shop??), courtesy of Neiman Marcus’ 40% off sale.

Wed 05.13
Trend Alert

Trend Alert: Cool in Culottes

As something that many of us wore in grade school, culottes (French for “women’s wide trousers”) don’t always win admirers in this day and age. My husband, for instance, is not a fan, but as for me? I’m loving my culottes moment.

Wed 05.13

Top 5 Brown Shoulder Bags: Flaunt Your Tan

I’m not opposed to a light dusting of bronzer to highlight your own natural glow, but there’s only one kind of tan skin you need this summer, and it doesn’t require any exfoliation beforehand. Instead, it comes in the form of lovely leather bags.

Tue 05.12
The RealReal

The RealReal: Consigned, Sealed, Delivered!

I have a confession: I’m a fashion hoarder. I try to blame it on my job (I do need to review these pieces, after all!), but the truth is that there are some clothes in my closet that I’ve never worn, let alone stripped of their tags.

Tue 05.12
Designinverso Shoulder Bags

Designinverso Shoulder Bags: Rain Over Me

Okay, the resemblance to a certain quilted, chain-strapped shoulder bag is obvious, but unless you’ve picked up a handbag raincoat, there’s no way you’d want to carry such a costly luxury in these fickle spring showers.

Tue 05.12
Lancer Skincare

Lancer Skincare: Bikini Body Talk

All right, it’s finally time for shoulder-bearing – and in some cases, belly-baring – clothes, and if you’re doing it right, getting skin ready for the season is half the fun.

Tue 05.12

VBH Brera 30 Sport Python Satchel Bag: Making a Splash

Maintaining the momentum for my love of colorful bags, VBH enters the multi-chromatic picture. And this one makes for a stirring juxtaposition. The vivacious graffiti-art pattern on a rarefied python bag means it’s extra special.

Mon 05.11

Valentino My Rockstud Striped Frame and Loewe Amazona 75 Small Leather Shoulder Bags: Pass with Flying Colors

There are girls who get dressed and then just toss a bag over their shoulder as an afterthought. (Clearly, I am not one of those girls.) And then there’s kind of girl who lives – and dresses – vicariously through her bags.

Mon 05.11
Rodarte x Superga

Rodarte x Superga: Look Fresh in Mesh

With all the gorgeous weather as of late, you’re finally getting outside and exploring, and as much as I love a platform pump, some adventures require a little more (okay – a lot more) comfort…