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Thu 05.07
Saks Fifth Avenue Mother’s Day Sale

Saks Fifth Avenue Mother’s Day Sale: Up to 40% Off!

If you haven’t picked up a gift for mom yet, the time is now! And Saks is making it easy as can be with discounts of up to 40% off. I can’t speak for your mom, but personally, I would like to be gifted a bag this Sunday, and I’ve been obsessing over Reed Krakoff’s RK40 since November…

Thu 05.07

Carven Scalloped Flap Tote: Enticed and Excited

There’s nothing like a fun new bag to get me excited! This time, it’s Carven that has my pulse quickening, with their snappy tote that takes fringe to the next level. Forget wispy layers of suede that blow in the breeze.

Wed 05.06
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Elisabeth Weinstock: For the Sporty Mom Snob

By now, you’ve probably perused about half a dozen Mother’s Day gifting articles (and as a reminder, the big day is on Sunday the 10th!), but sometimes candles, chocolates, and even sweet scents can feel a little generic…

Wed 05.06
Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil: Bella Luna

Don’t freak out about the blue tint when applying Sunday Riley’s latest skin-perfecting oil. A few seconds of imitating the characters in Avatar is well worth the results! I’ve been using Luna for months, and it’s quickly become a Snob favorite.

Wed 05.06
Current Celeb Favorite

Current Celeb Favorite: Denim on Denim with Neutral Bags

What do Kate Hudson, Gisele Bündchen, Kylie Jenner, and Mindy Kaling have in common? Besides, of course, the fact that they’re all women with enviable careers (if not mega-powerful families).

Tue 05.05
Met Ball 2015

Met Ball 2015: The Good, the Bad, the Nude, and the Confused

Last night has been called the worst-dressed Met Ball ever, but I prefer the title of Asian Halloween Fright Night. First of all, let me say this to all the ladies whose stylists suggested chopsticks as headgear: placing them vertically is bad luck. Did no one think to research this?

Tue 05.05
Sienna Miller Wears Roger Vivier

Sienna Miller Wears Roger Vivier: A Place in the Sunshine

Sienna Miller was walking on sunshine on May 3rd in New York City. Of course, her sun-streaked blonde bob, naturally warm disposition, and Manhattan’s gorgeous weather had something to do with it, but most specifically, it’s Sienna’s big, bright Roger Vivier tote.

Mon 05.04
Mary Katrantzou Leather and Glitter Envelope Clutch

Mary Katrantzou Leather and Glitter Envelope Clutch: Make Sparkles Fly

If you didn’t quite believe this clutch was made by Mary Katrantzou, our resident queen of wildly original and wickedly noticeable prints, then you’re not alone. Not content to be a super-talented one-trick pony, Mary is showing a new side to her design aesthetic…

Mon 05.04
Victoria Beckham City Victoria Leather Tote

Victoria Beckham City Victoria Leather Tote: The City Girl

No matter how many years it’s been since she went by the moniker, Victoria Beckham will always be Posh, wherever she goes…and so will her bags!