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Fri 12.13

Proactiv+: Beyond The Three Step Solution

Proactiv+ works…it just does. It’s formulated with the same actives as countless other products, but somehow their trio of products is more effective without smelling bad or over drying your skin (their step 2 product is drying, but if you cut it down from the recommended three times to one or add in a moisturizing SPF to the trio of products, your skin should be fine).

Thu 12.12

First Aid Beauty FAB Aglow Kit

I’ve been traveling a lot lately, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect beauty-packing wise. Now is the time when most brands are releasing their limited edition beauty gift sets and most not only offer stellar values, but they’re usually travel friendly. Case in point First Aid Beauty’s FAB Aglow Kit.

Wed 09.11
Dairy and Soy

Dairy and Soy: Why You Might Want to Stay Far, Far Away

I’ve long known that dairy leaves me feeling bloaty. I’m fine if I have a slice of cheese here and there or a little bit in my cereal and it’s not a problem if the dairy is in say a piece of cake, but if I have any more than that I end up looking like I’m pregnant for a few hours…

Thu 08.22
Instant Refresher

Instant Refresher: In-Office Glycolic Peel

I’ve been looking like dead woman walking lately…uch. I’ve been tired and stressed and the effects are showing up on my face. I’ve also had minor breakouts that don’t seem to be going away…this is not acceptable!!! I stopped by one of New York magazine’s top rated dermatologists Dr. Schultz’s office (his office is about as luxe as it gets…), to see if there’s anything he can recommend.

Thu 06.27
KORA Organics by Miranda Kerr

KORA Organics by Miranda Kerr: Role Model

Miranda Kerr’s skincare line, KORA Organics, is now available on NET-A-PORTER – we’re merely a click away from supermodel gorgeousness (that’s what I tell myself anyway). Between Kerr’s collection and Josie Maran cosmetics, it seems models have a love of all-natural beauty.

Thu 06.27

Clarisonic Body Brush Extension Handle

I am the biggest Clarisonic pusher. I bring it with me to the gym every day so I couldn’t begin to count the times I’m asked about it and every time I go on and on about how amazing it is – seriously it’s the best investment for your skin! Exfoliation is key for preventing signs of aging and the Clarisonic will gently exfoliate while cleansing skin and helping treat and prevent blemishes.

Fri 06.14

Dangene Skincare Program: Three’s Company

I’ve always adhered to a 7-10 step skincare routine, but now I’ve found a way to get by on just 3! For a recent two-day trip to NYC, I wanted only carry-on products. Dangene’s antioxidant-rich program was just what the dermatologist ordered! She calls herself a “personal trainer for your skin” (visit the Institute of … Continue reading Dangene Skincare Program: Three’s Company

Tue 04.30

NARS Gentle Cream Cleanser: Dry Cleaner

The most important product in your beauty cabinet is cleanser because without healthy, radiant skin, no foundation/bronzer/blush you put on will look as nice as it should. Nars agrees, which is why he created the NARS Skin line. I’m forever trying out different cleansers (even if you’ve found the best one, it’s good for your … Continue reading NARS Gentle Cream Cleanser: Dry Cleaner

Tue 04.09

Frugal Snob: NIP + FAB Glycolic Fix

NIP + FAB, the affordable line from the woman behind Rodial, has just launched a new product called Glycolic Fix. For you Rodial lovers out there, the quality of ingredients in both lines is comparable, N+F is less expensive because there are less actives in it – i.e. it’s meant for less damaged skin. The … Continue reading Frugal Snob: NIP + FAB Glycolic Fix