Tue 11.20

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant: Just Add Water!

Need a daily exfoliant that won’t dry your skin out? Voilà! All you have to do is add water to Dermalogica’s powder scrub, and it activates into a microfoliant paste. Coupling rice enzymes with salicylic acid (the wonder cleanser), this product gently scrubs you clean of all impurities. For maximum potency, use less water, but […]

Wed 10.03

Acne Pads: Philosophy vs. Cane + Austin

I have an intense post-workout face cleansing routine that involves a Clarisonic, moisturizer, treatment cream, and spot treatment. Most of the time I’m good about it, but sometimes I just don’t have time for it all, which is where acne pads come in. On days were I have just a few seconds to wash and […]

Wed 09.12

LovelySkin Product Spotlight

For the second year in a row now I stopped by a pop-up LovelySkin hosted in Manhattan to showcase some of their best products. It was a great opportunity to not only learn about new beauty buys, but to speak with the people behind them to get a better feel for them and who they’re […]

Wed 08.22

Shopping Find: The Detox Market

I’m completely obsessed with The Detox Market. I’m not even sure how exactly I stumbled upon this website, but they’ve got a killer selection of beauty products, including a number of under-the-radar brands. They specialize in non-toxic, natural brands and they have a store in Venice, California…how I missed it when I was on Abbot […]

Mon 06.04

Philosophy Clear Days Ahead (Thank God!)

I was sent Philosophy Clear Days 30-Day Acne Trial Kit ($38 – $67 value) to try out and it couldn’t have come at a better time. My new-found obsession with hot yoga means that I inevitably breakout with a blemish (or a few), especially right around my period, so I was excited to try out […]

Tue 05.15

Freeze 24/7 IceCream Double Scoop

I’ve been mulling over a few major decisions lately. Potentially I will be putting all of my life savings into buying an apartment and I might fulfill a live-long dream of buying a short-haired mini dachshund. In the meantime however I’ve taken up doing hot power yoga to add more “om” to my life and […]

Wed 05.02

Fighting Breakouts with Murad

I just switched gyms. I used to go to the Sports Club LA, which is three blocks away, but I’m now an Equinox member and usually go to a location that’s a good 20 minute walk away. My new gym has way better classes so it’s definitely worth the extra travel time, but because I […]

Wed 04.04

Clarisonic Launches Acne Clarifying Collection

There is no beauty gadget I consider more essential than the Clarisonic. The little device will change your skin and you’ll see results very, very quickly – TRUST. A few friends have tried the imitators and while I cannot vouch for or against them from personal experience, from all of those that I know that […]

Mon 02.06

Tria Beauty Skin Perfecting Blue Light

Talk about a product I wish had existed years ago when I was going through the uber stressful process of applying to college! I went to an event to learn about the Tria Beauty Skin Perfecting Blue Light ($245) two weeks ago and was blown away by what the dermatologists there had to say (the […]