Tue 05.15

Freeze 24/7 IceCream Double Scoop

I’ve been mulling over a few major decisions lately. Potentially I will be putting all of my life savings into buying an apartment and I might fulfill a live-long dream of buying a short-haired mini dachshund. In the meantime however I’ve taken up doing hot power yoga to add more “om” to my life and […]

Wed 05.02

Fighting Breakouts with Murad

I just switched gyms. I used to go to the Sports Club LA, which is three blocks away, but I’m now an Equinox member and usually go to a location that’s a good 20 minute walk away. My new gym has way better classes so it’s definitely worth the extra travel time, but because I […]

Wed 04.04

Clarisonic Launches Acne Clarifying Collection

There is no beauty gadget I consider more essential than the Clarisonic. The little device will change your skin and you’ll see results very, very quickly – TRUST. A few friends have tried the imitators and while I cannot vouch for or against them from personal experience, from all of those that I know that […]

Mon 02.06

Tria Beauty Skin Perfecting Blue Light

Talk about a product I wish had existed years ago when I was going through the uber stressful process of applying to college! I went to an event to learn about the Tria Beauty Skin Perfecting Blue Light ($245) two weeks ago and was blown away by what the dermatologists there had to say (the […]

Tue 01.10

Super by Dr. Nicholas Perricone Acne Solution

When it comes to doctor-developed lines, Dr. Perricone’s ones are my favorite. I love that for him it’s more than just about a cream or serum, it’s about combining the right product with a healthy lifestyle. Needless to say I’m very into his Super line, which I’ve found to not only be effective, but reasonably […]

Fri 10.14

Renée Rouleau Anti-Cyst Treatment: Bye Bye, Blemish!

This past Monday, I tweeted about a giant zit on my cheek and how it was getting bigger by the hour. I was a very good girl about it. I never touched it; I tried various unnamed products; I even left toothpaste on it one night, all to no avail. Lucky for me, Renée Rouleau […]

Wed 09.14

Dealing with a Beauty Product-Induced Rash

I know that I’m extremely fortune that trying out a variety of beauty products is part of my job description, but every so often even though I’m relatively discerning about the products I opt to try and the quantities of them I put on my face, I have a bad reaction to a product. The […]

Wed 08.31

Brave Soldier Code Blue: Don’t Feel the Burn

When it comes to unfortunate acne breakouts, unsightly razor bumps, nasty sunburns, post-waxing bumps, general irritation, and any other assault on our delicate skin, Brave Soldier offers our skin a fighting chance. Code Blue is an intense yet gentle silicone-enhanced aloe gel (enriched with witch hazel, tea tree oil, menthol, eucalyptus and peppermint oils, green […]

Thu 05.12

Renée Rouleau Post-Breakout Fading Gel: Break Out of Bad Skin

Let’s see…what could possibly be worse than adult acne? Well, nothing, except for adult acne scars! Blemishes past the age of puberty are bad enough, but the red or purplish scars leftover (never, ever pick at your zits!) can last for weeks. Thank goodness Renée Rouleau is on our side. Wait until your acne spot […]