Bag Snob
Thu 10.30
Valentino 1973 Beaded Small Lock Shoulder Bag

Valentino 1973 Beaded Small Lock Shoulder Bag: The Amazing Technicolor Dream Bag

I give Valentino a lot of love because honestly, Maria Grazia and Pierpaolo aren’t doing much wrong these days. This latest confection only further solidifies my obsession. Hello, happiness! They’ve unleashed one of the most upbeat and perfectly irreverent bags you’ve ever seen, in time for the spring season.

Thu 10.30

Web Snob October 30, 2014

Today’s fashion news includes Isabel Marant’s business advice!

Wed 10.29
Rebecca Minkoff Sale

Rebecca Minkoff Sale: Up to 50% Off!

When it comes to Halloween, Rebecca Minkoff’s trick-or-treat mentality is all treats! Now through November 3rd, she’s offering up to half off selected bags, shoes, clothes, and jewels in everything from fall-friendly aubergine to spring pastels (which, conveniently enough, can also double as fall pastels this year).

Wed 10.29
Snobgrams 10-29-14

Snobgrams 10-29-14

This week on Snobgrams, Tina fills her Hermès with Halloween goodies and attends an autumnal dinner party, while Kelly enjoys an adorable latte!

Wed 10.29
Roger Vivier Spring 2015 Collection

Roger Vivier Spring 2015 Collection: Turning Up the Heat

Next spring, Roger Vivier is taking us on a “stroll through the heat of summer,” and I couldn’t be happier to oblige early. Inspiration from the hot sun and cool evening breeze translates to pop art-heavy pieces that snap, crackle, and yes, pop.

Wed 10.29
Perrin Paris Flap Backpack

Perrin Paris Flap Backpack: Flip for the Flap

Three words: simple, sleek, and thoroughly functional. Okay, so that’s more like four words, but you get the idea. Perrin Paris has delivered one of the best backpack designs I’ve ever seen.

Wed 10.29

Web Snob October 29, 2014

Today’s fashion news includes Victoria Beckham’s latest title and an interview with DVF!

Tue 10.28
Shopbop Sale

Shopbop Sale: Up to 70% Off!

Sometimes sales are so good they make me wonder why anyone should ever buy at full price. There are 5,000+ items discounted on Shopbop, and these are hardly the kinds of pieces you pick up just because they’re marked down.

Tue 10.28

White Bags for Cooler Days: The Cloud Nine

Lately, I’ve been shifting into neutral when it comes to my bags. White may not seem like the most audacious color (or technically, even be a color), but set against rich, autumnal reds, oranges, and yellows, there’s no better way to set yourself apart.