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Fri 11.21

NET-A-PORTER Fashion Fantasies Bag Subscription: Dreams Really Do Come True

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, the consequent countdown to Christmas is officially in full gear. One of my favorite holiday gifts is the “Fruit of the Month” delivery from our neighbors. Each month, a lovely box of in-season fruit arrives at my door. But I think this monthly gift just beat it. Possibly by a landslide.

Fri 11.21

Foley + Corinna Astor Chain Hobo: A Win-Win

One can never go wrong with a boho-chic hobo. Well, maybe you could go wrong with one on the red carpet or at a black-tie affair, but let’s not split hairs. When it comes to daily life, a good leather hobo is always laidback, inherently comfortable, and can even add an element of effortless glamour. Like this one.

Fri 11.21

Web Snob November 21, 2014

Today’s fashion news includes costume design for the new Cinderella movie and Rihanna’s new collaboration!

Thu 11.20

Elisabeth Weinstock Anaconda and Whipsnake Backpacks: Snake It to the Streets

From home goods (including jewelry boxes and even tampon cases!) to hardware-light bags, few can work an exotic skin like Elisabeth Weinstock. Since 2002, she’s cemented and maintained her unreal hand with decadent anaconda. Her latest – and greatest – is a backpack that’s polished and sophisticated.

Thu 11.20

Web Snob November 20, 2014

Today’s fashion news includes holiday outfit inspiration and pink outwear!

Thu 11.20

Miu Miu Leather Shoulder Bag: Inner Beauty

With a sporty feel enhanced by a coolly polished chunky chain strap, Miu Miu’s slick, winter-white shoulder bag has all the elements I’m craving at the moment. It’s ready to be dressed up or down in equal measures, so be prepared to wear this one with a variety of different outfits.

Wed 11.19
FINDS + Charlotte Simone Bon-Bon Shearling Shoulder Bag

FINDS + Charlotte Simone Bon-Bon Shearling Shoulder Bag: Puff Love

This is so fun and ridiculous…a true must-have given the price! A fluffy, bubble gum pink shoulder bag is the kind of cute, frivolous thing you’d have expected to see Alicia Silverstone dangling off her arm in Clueless. Is it functional? Well, let’s just say this isn’t meant for the sensible Snob, but you could probably already tell that.

Wed 11.19
Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 1.11.04 AM

Snobgrams 11-19-14

In this week’s edition of Snobgrams, Tina shows off new Snob Essentials handbags at brunch and on air, while Kelly shares some funny words of wisdom and attends a bridal shower!

Wed 11.19

Rebagg: The Art of the Deal

How many unworn bags sit in your closet, mocking you, serving as reminders of money wasted? You’ve tried selling at consignment shops, but the issue with that re-commerce model is that you have to wait for someone to actually buy your bag before you see any cash. It can take weeks, months, even up to a year…