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Fri 06.28
Summer Fridays

Summer Fridays: On Vacation with Bag Snob

Tina Craig talks travel and trip essentials with Fashionista’s David Yi.

Wed 01.16

How to Make It As A Fashion Blogger

Want to learn how to make it as a fashion blogger? Watch the Wall Street Journal‘s special chat with myself, BryanBoy and Tom & Lorenzo by signing in with your Facebook or Twitter account on Thursday at 11 am EST RSVP HERE!

Thu 08.16

Ask the Snob: A College Bag That Carries Books and Style

Dear Bag Snob, I’m in college and desperately looking for a bag to carry my books. I’m big on it looking stylish but practical too. Help please!? -Em Em, Ah, function and fashion: an eternal dilemma, especially when it comes to busy school days, when you’re lugging what feels like a semester’s worth of books […]

Fri 04.08

Ask the Snob: Busy Mom Needs Chic Day Bag

Bag Snob, Please help with desired new spring bag. I want an everyday BIG bag that I can throw baby S’s crap in and is also chic. I want something light-looking and less money. Want style, but pacifiers and crayons do have to go in there along with my crap. Thoughts? From: iblondegirl (an attorney […]

Tue 03.30

Ask the Snob: Need New Bag, Keep the Boyfriend

Dear Bag Snob, I am sure you get lots of messages, but I was hoping you could briefly help me. My girlfriend wants to get a nice handbag and her birthday is coming up, I was hoping to get one as a gift. She likes her current bag which has enough room to hold her […]

Mon 01.25

Turn Your Bag Into a Mommy Bag

Ever wonder why other mommies don’t need a diaper bag? Tot Snob has the answer! If you are expecting or tired of schlepping around a hideous diaper bag, see how you can turn your favorite bag into a functional “mommy” bag.

Mon 01.25

Turn Your Bag Into a Mommy Bag

Dear Tot Snob, I have a question – I’m looking for a stylish and practical baby bag. I know there are so many bags out there but they are all ugly!! Does becoming a mother mean that I have to give up style? Is there some sort of gizmo that I convert a bag I […]

Wed 07.15

Ask the Snob: Bottega Veneta VS Chanel, Python Face Off

I just got this email from Roe. I answered her, won’t tell you what I said but you can probably guess, but I thought it would be fun for fellow Bag Snob readers to weigh in on her decision. Hello My Lovely Snobs, Hopefully you can help me decide. I have a friend that has […]

Tue 06.30

Ask the Snob: Is it okay to buy embossed exotic?

Dear Bag Snob, I am saving to buy the YSL lizard embossed Easy or Muse bag, do you think it is snob worthy?  I love the look of exotics but can not afford to buy the 5 figure version. I am still in college and will pay for this bag with my summer job. It […]