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Thu 06.28

Care of Lanvin bag?

Dearest Bag Snob (hello Tina and Kelly!), I just bought my first designer bag ever, the Lanvin Heroine in chestnut, which was massively on sale at Barneys and which I love love love and seems to match everything. Only problem is, I have discovered a mere drop of water will stain it. So what can … Continue reading Care of Lanvin bag?

Tue 06.12

Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Beauty Edition

I know all you Beauty Snobs out there are just like us, always trying to get your man to use some sort of products – anything as long as they are using something!! Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to get them started on a regiment with a selection for a perfect gift package that … Continue reading Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Beauty Edition

Tue 05.01

Mother’s Day Gifts

In case you don’t win our fabulous Mother’s Day Giveaway, here are a few things that I (as a mother) think your mother (or wife) would enjoy 🙂 Treat yourself: I am obsessed with Tom Ford’s Whitney Sunglasses. He is just so incredibly good at sexy chic (forget the boring Bespoke suits Tom, go back … Continue reading Mother’s Day Gifts

Mon 04.30

Eye Maker Remover

Hi Beauty Snob, I followed your advice and bought Benefit’s Bad Gal Lash mascara. It’s fantastic! It rarely smudges. However, it seems to be a bit too good at staying on my lashes – I never seem to get it fully off in the evening. I wash my face with Cetaphil and have tried using … Continue reading Eye Maker Remover

Fri 02.23

Hogan White Tote

Dear Bagsnob, I’ve been reading your blog religiously and absolutely LOVE it. It made the process of selecting the most suitable and stylish bags so much easier for me! As a matter of fact, I need to ask for your help and advice. I desperately need a perfect white bag and I’m in love with … Continue reading Hogan White Tote

Fri 02.02

The Busy Beauty Snob

Our new friend, Megs from Purseblog asked me about a 3-step program the other day and although I am more of a 10 step girl, I do have a 3 minute routine for Busy Beauty Snobs who don’t have time to indulge daily in her beauty regimen. CLEANSE First and foremost, a good cleanser is … Continue reading The Busy Beauty Snob

Mon 01.29

Dear Bag Snob, Please Help!

>Dear Bag Snob (or Bag Snob readers)- Normally I would go to friends for advice, but none of my friends are into fashion as much as I am. Anyway I need a new bag, something light that I can literally throw around when I run errands etc… The bags that I like the most are … Continue reading Dear Bag Snob, Please Help!

Tue 12.19

Husband Helpers

Every Christmas Bag Snob is besieged with phone calls and emails from frantic husbands trying to find the perfect bag for their wives. One year a Hollywood producer called me while standing bewildered in Gucci, producing blockbuster movies that have raked in over $200 million he can handle (The Rookie, The Miracle, and this year’s … Continue reading Husband Helpers

Thu 11.30

Lighten up at Work

Dear Bag Snob, I LOVE your website! I’m about to embark on my new professional career and I wanted to have a stunning briefcase in tow. I was wondering if you could do a feature on stylish and luxurious briefcases to help me find that perfect work accessory. I definitely want it to be the … Continue reading Lighten up at Work