Fri 04.26

Emma Stone Wears Barbara Bui: It’s Good to Be Bui

At first glance, the Barbara Bui Air bag is deceiving.  Just look at Emma Stone, taking a break from filming The Amazing Spider-Man 3 in New York City on April 23rd. With the straps casually bunched in her hand, I thought this was a chic backpack. But it’s something even better! The ever-inspired Barbara Bui offers the […]

Tue 04.16

Top 5 Uncommon Backpacks: Spring Forward, Back It Up

1. Brunello Cucinelli Suede and Patent-Leather Backpack: A noncommittal strap situation in a texture that’s fully committed to glossy shine, this is a neutral pick-me-up. At Neiman Marcus for $2,495. 2. The Row Hobo Leather Backpack: This is basically the Rolls Royce of rucksacks. The Olsens have imbued their high-end sensibility into a streetwise style that’s classic, not […]

Mon 04.01

Top 5 Gym Class Heroes

There was once a time when people carried actual gym bags to the gym, instead of their leather totes. Granted, I don’t go to the gym very often, but when I do, I actually work out so I want a bag that’s functional. I don’t carry my crocodile Birkins into the locker room like some […]

Fri 03.29

Top 5 Music-Festival Bags: Crazy for Coachella

Thanks to throngs of models and It-girls, Coachella has become known as well for its fashion sense as musical acts. You know the look when you see it. Shredded cutoffs, gauzy see-through dresses, fringed ‘70s-era vests, and hats in every form, from fitted baseball to floppy fedora: this pretty much sums up the must-have festival […]

Tue 01.22

Cyclus Armadillo Recycled Rubber Backpack: All Tire’d Out

I was so ready to rag on this ridiculous looking Cyclus backpack, but then thought about it a little more. You have to admit, it is very interesting, not to mention functional (the futuristic armadillo-looking shell slides down to open). Then I read that it’s constructed out of recycled rubber inner tire tubes, which makes […]

Wed 12.19

Getting into Character: The Five Essentials for Carrie Mathison

If you’re not watching Homeland, odds are someone has already chastised you for it, and I’ll second them! Honestly, once you start, you can’t stop. Just ask the president – it’s his favorite show. Claire Danes has already won tons of awards for playing bipolar CIA officer Carrie Mathison on the Showtime thriller. Intrigued yet? […]

Wed 12.05

Damien Hirst for The Row: Art Snob?!

I love bags, I love art, but do I love art on my bags?! In the name of charitable contribution– sure, why not. Remember Nancy Gonzalez‘s recent collaboration with contemporary artists? The crocodile bags were donated for auction at the Two x Two Art Ball for Aids research, and all of the net proceeds went […]

Thu 11.08

Top Foul-Weather Friends: Shelter From the Storm

The harrowing winds of Hurricane Sandy recently ripped through the East Coast – and now a Nor’easter on top of it?! Mother Nature must be stark, raving mad about something this season, and there’s bad weather around the world to prove it. I have a feeling we’re going to be in for quite a winter, […]

Mon 09.17

Top Exotic Backpacks: Make a Grand Exit

A whole bunch of backpacks were seen sported on the spines of fashionistas at Fashion Week in New York. A backpack in your arsenal is much-needed, for certain days when practicality must prevail (traveling, field trips, long walks, sight-seeing, and, yes, runway shows!). But hold off when you’ll be making a ton of miscellaneous stops […]