Tue 05.13
Snob Essentials Spring/Summer 2014 Backpacks

Snob Essentials Spring/Summer 2014 Backpacks: Basic Instincts

After over a year in the making, our Snob Essentials handbag collection is finally available. Actually, we have already finished designing the Spring 2015 collection; it’s crazy how the fashion timeline works! But for now, Spring/Summer 2014 backpacks!

Wed 05.07
Snobgrams 5-7-14

Snobgrams 5-7-14

The Snobs are in NYC! See what they’re up to in the Big Apple, and more importantly, which bags they’re carrying…

Wed 05.07
Alexander Wang Drawstring Glove Deerskin Gym Sack

Alexander Wang Drawstring Glove Deerskin Gym Sack: You Just Got Played

This one requires me to start with a disclaimer: the only reason this number isn’t a “rag bag” is because the ultimate Gym Snob who uses this strictly to carry her spare trainers and a fresh T-shirt could do this backpack justice. Napa deerskin is butter-soft and tactile, but let’s be real: 700 bucks for a glorified drawstring sack?

Fri 05.02
The Five Essentials Featuring Micaela Erlanger

The Five Essentials Featuring Micaela Erlanger

Remember when we all gasped at Lupita N’yongo’s stunning Golden Globes’ gown (and pretty much every other time she appeared anywhere)? The woman behind that look – as well as those of Michelle Dockery – is Micaela Erlanger. She’s the stylist to the stars – and the best-dressed ones at that!

Fri 04.25
Casual Friday

Casual Friday: Exotic Backpacks

Okay, pricey exotic backpacks aren’t exactly casual, but they’re the perfect middle ground for Snobs who want to get the cool girl look without dressing like an actual schoolgirl. I saw a beautiful woman toting this exact Nancy Gonzalez the other day (her croc was in gray, but I can’t resist featuring this bright cobalt!).

Fri 04.25
Web Snob May 16, 2014

Snob Essentials Collection Launch: Fairy Tales Can Come True

What did you dream of becoming when you were a kid? I told anyone and everyone that I was going to be a writer and a fashion designer…

Fri 04.11
Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning: Rotating Your Handbags for the Season

I’ve started writing a monthly column for that I hope you’ll all be tuning in for! My first subject was spring cleaning, or rather, spring organizing (it’s a lot easier to organize than to give away beloved bags!). At the start of a new season, I store the pieces I won’t be wearing in boxes, and bring out all the others I’ve been waiting to carry.

Wed 04.02
Steal the Look

Steal the Look: Rita Ora’s Nude Backpack

Rita Ora (or her assistant?) is carrying one of the cutest backpacks I’ve ever seen! I have to assume it belongs to Rita since the nude bag coordinates with her head-to-toe cream ensemble from Swedish brand Ann-Sofie Back’s Fall 2014 collection. Well, almost head-to-toe! From the knee up, she’s a classic bombshell topped with a black Trilby hat, but when does Rita ever do classic?

Mon 03.31
Front-Page News

Front-Page News: Snob Essentials Bag Launch!

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to Women’s Wear Daily for making the launch of our Snob Essentials bag line today’s front-page news! As the name suggests, we have covered all the bag essentials a Snob needs, from clutches to backpacks to everyday totes. Using vegan leathers, we’ve designed the whole line within an affordable price range ($68 to $128) without sacrificing quality.