Thu 08.23

Top Fall Bags for the Man Snob: Lovely Leather

There’s a few things that remind me of fall: high quality leather, and ridiculously sweet maple candy. Since I’ve quit the sugar (with a cranky side-effect at the moment), I guess I’ll just deal with the leather…This season though, we’re talking about beautiful accessories and bags that are just perfect for that trip upstate or […]

Mon 07.30

Shinola: You Know No Better

This week, I found myself on a mini adventure to Detroit to experience a rebirth. Slightly dramatic? Yes, but equally necessary to describe what I saw. The city of Detroit has a downtrodden reputation that has persisted with its name for as long as I can remember. As we all know, its home of American […]

Thu 07.12

Top 5 New Academics: Rad in Plaid

Our days of going back to school may be long gone, but that desperate desire for a new fall wardrobe never leaves us. And nothing speaks of fall like plaid, tartan, and checks. Join the Ivy League with a satchel that exudes the feel of those crisp days. Think prep school-inspired, but not your typical […]

Thu 06.07

The Row Fall 2012 Exotics: Temptation Island

I always say, Go big or go home. (Okay, so I stole that line from somewhere. Probably Twitter, which is where I glean all my information from these days.) That’s why, if you’re going for a bag from The Row, you’re already going for the most decadent kind of simplicity, so don’t just get any […]

Tue 04.24

Diverso Italiano Rubberized Leather Angela Backpack: Life-Saver, Style-Killer

What the hell is this? A lifejacket or a bag? Maybe it’s both. Diverso Italian’s off-putting rubberized calfskin backpack (if you can even call it that; it wraps and clings around your body like an unattractive vest) could possibly be good for air travel. In the case of an emergency landing, you’re required to leave […]

Fri 04.20

Top 5 Awesomely Athletic Bags: Get Sporty

Whether you’re hitting the gym or more interested in hitting the town, tones of high-energy athleticism are all around. Now that summer is almost upon us, I say it’s time to get in touch with our sweat-loving sides (well, at least try to). I sure can’t get inspired to do anything without the right bag, […]

Thu 04.19

Top 5 Summer Bags for the Man Snob: Far Out

With summer around the corner, or should I say, at our doorstep, guys everywhere need to switch out their cooler bags for something a bit more fiesta-oriented. If you’re willing to switch out your apparel for the warmer season, you’ve got to switch out your bag! From totes to duffels, we’ve got you covered with […]

Tue 04.10

3.1 Phillip Lim: Bags for the Man by the Man

I usually have some difficulty with lines for both men and women featuring the same creative director. With 3.1 Phillip Lim, that is never a problem, like during Paris Mens shows. The creativity and the accessible price point are extremely attractive, and truthfully, the foundation that the expanding company is built upon. Lately, Phillip has […]

Fri 04.06

Top 5 Grunge-Inspired Bags: Live Through This

WWD informs us that Grunge is back in time for fall. I did it the first time around– when Kate Moss was a mussed-up young thing dating Johnny Depp and Courtney Love was rocking one torn-up baby-doll dress after another. It was the 90s, I was in college and finding myself. I was all about […]