Fri 04.11
Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning: Rotating Your Handbags for the Season

I’ve started writing a monthly column for that I hope you’ll all be tuning in for! My first subject was spring cleaning, or rather, spring organizing (it’s a lot easier to organize than to give away beloved bags!). At the start of a new season, I store the pieces I won’t be wearing in boxes, and bring out all the others I’ve been waiting to carry.

Wed 04.02
Steal the Look

Steal the Look: Rita Ora’s Nude Backpack

Rita Ora (or her assistant?) is carrying one of the cutest backpacks I’ve ever seen! I have to assume it belongs to Rita since the nude bag coordinates with her head-to-toe cream ensemble from Swedish brand Ann-Sofie Back’s Fall 2014 collection. Well, almost head-to-toe! From the knee up, she’s a classic bombshell topped with a black Trilby hat, but when does Rita ever do classic?

Mon 03.31
Front-Page News

Front-Page News: Snob Essentials Bag Launch!

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to Women’s Wear Daily for making the launch of our Snob Essentials bag line today’s front-page news! As the name suggests, we have covered all the bag essentials a Snob needs, from clutches to backpacks to everyday totes. Using vegan leathers, we’ve designed the whole line within an affordable price range ($68 to $128) without sacrificing quality.

Fri 03.28
Andrea Incontri Backpack

Andrea Incontri Backpack: All-Access Pass?

A single glance at this, and I’m reminded of the age-old question: form over function? The best bags encapsulate both in the right measures so you don’t even have to pose the query, but then there bags of the more unusual breed that make me pause and wonder.

Tue 03.25
The Greatest It Bags of All Time

The Greatest It Bags of All Time: It All Started with a Fendi…

It bags are not iconic in the classic sense. Some may stick around like the perennial favorite Birkin, but others come and go as trends do. Even the term “it” bag is relatively new. The phrase was first coined in the ‘90s when we gasped at the sight of Carrie Bradshaw toting a Fendi Baguette, cigarette unapologetically in hand. Did she make the Baguette cool, or did Fendi make Carrie cool?

Fri 03.07
Moschino Fall 2014

Moschino Fall 2014: I’m Not Loving It

Jeremy Scott’s first collection for Moschino made a big splash at Milan Fashion Week thanks to designs inspired by American brands like Budweiser, Hershey’s, and yes, McDonald’s. I was intrigued by his jacket bags, but I can’t say I would wear any of these overcooked looks.

Mon 03.03
Army-Inspired Bags

Top 5 Army-Inspired Bags: Armed Forces

Who says you need to be decked out in camouflage to inject a little bit of boot camp chic into your look? Sometimes subtle is the way to go, and sticking with a neutral palette of lush olive, earthy brown, rich hunter green, and all-grown-up mahogany will leave you anything but fatigued.

Fri 02.28

Globetrotter: Travel in Style

I just landed in Paris yesterday for another pavement-pounding Fashion Week, which got me thinking of how best to dress when you’re out globetrotting. It has to fall somewhere between worldly and sensible (granted, that’s a word rarely uttered along the front rows of any runway). What’s your secret to traveling in style?

Sun 02.09
DKNY Fall 2014 Collection

DKNY Fall 2014 Collection: Empire State of Mind

Brand name aside, Donna Karan is a designer who has always used her native city to inspire and guide her work. It’s intrinsic; it’s the DNA, and with her DKNY Fall 2014 runway show, she paid homage to the most densely populated city in the country with more zeal than ever.