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Thu 08.06
Top Chinese-Influenced Bags

Top Chinese-Influenced Bags: The Emperor’s New Bags

Five-thousand-plus years of culture, and the Chinese are trending once again. Throughout history, much has been borrowed by Western cultures from the Chinese in the realms of both fashion and technology. But never has it been as revered as it is today!

Mon 08.03

Manic Monday: The Great Escape

It’s a Monday in August, and if you ask me, that’s barely a Monday at all. Except try telling that to yourself now that you’re sitting at your desk dragging yourself back from a weekend beach jaunt…

Thu 07.30

Top 7 Supremely Stupid Bags: Dumb and Dumber

Pushing the envelope is a must. As a designer, you should always strive to create something unique and personality-driven. But it’s possible to push the envelope past the point of no return. And as a designer, you should also know when to stop.

Thu 07.30
Altuzarra Fall ’15 Ghianda Knot and Bullrope Hobo Bags

Altuzarra Fall ’15 Ghianda Knot and Bullrope Hobo Bags: Mused and Amused

Calling all modern boho muses! Along with all you classic Snobs who have always harbored a bohemian style fantasy. With his first – and impressively original – foray into bags, Joseph Altuzarra is redefining a current and effortless breed of chic.

Wed 07.29

Tomas Maier Varzo Clutch: Suede Persuasion

I love this casual clutch with just the perfect amount of embellishment. While Tina’s partial to its fraternal-twin sister, more rugged in brown suede with a chain strap, I’m all about this sleeker, hand-held option.

Mon 07.27
Top 5 Manic Monday Bags

Top 5 Manic Monday Bags: Drive Me Crazy

Mondays are always a little hectic, and just like the most chaotic day of the week, bags can be pretty crazy, too. For the second installment of our Manic Monday column, we’ve rounded up a selection of crazy bags that well, aren’t necessarily nuts in a good way.

Thu 07.16

Top 7 Gender-Bending Bags: Boy, Oh Girl

Why should the term “gender fluid” apply only to people? It’s high time we have bag equality for all! Menswear is a huge trend for the girls. Just look at style-chameleon Anna Dello Russo, whose menswear is par for the course.

Tue 07.14

Tomas Maier Varzo Shoulder Bag: Take It Easy

Sometimes the formula for a bag I’m going to instantly and obviously like is a no-fail. Chocolate-brown suede plus a miniaturized size plus the classically cool, languidly sophisticated aesthetic of Tomas Maier equals an obvious winner.

Wed 07.08
Top Rainbow Pieces

Top Rainbow Pieces: Love Saves the Day

If there’s anything the recent turn towards acceptance in the States suggests, it’s that love always wins! And I can’t think of a better message than that. Rainbows have been a longtime symbol of unity, but now is the moment to wear your heart – and vivid, multicolored stripes – on your sleeve!