Tue 04.24

D&G Printed Quilted Silk-Twill Shoulder Bag: Let’s Get Loud

In concept, I love this D&G bag: a shoulder-tote style, with contrasting front and back patterns, that folds fluidly into a clutch. Three bags in one – sounds like a great deal, right? But, alas, concept and execution can be two very different things. Three-for-one does not a bargain make when the bag in question […]

Thu 04.19

Top 5 Summer Bags for the Man Snob: Far Out

With summer around the corner, or should I say, at our doorstep, guys everywhere need to switch out their cooler bags for something a bit more fiesta-oriented. If you’re willing to switch out your apparel for the warmer season, you’ve got to switch out your bag! From totes to duffels, we’ve got you covered with […]

Tue 03.27

Lanvin Diamond Prints: Rocks Off

I generally like diamonds on my body and not my bags. It’s just a personal preference (I’d be too scared to lose a few diamonds or have the bag stolen!). But I do love the sparkly look of my crystal-encrusted clutches, particularly for bringing enchantment to evening ensembles. Not-so-precious crystals are somewhat worry-free, while a […]

Mon 03.12

Cobra Society: 3 Bags, 2 Shapes, 1 Pleased Bag Snob

What’s in a name? If thy name be Cobra Society, everything! The cooler than thou brand by Alex Davis launched with aplomb last Fall with a line of designer boots handcrafted in Spain by Moroccan artisans. And now – to the delight of bag snobs everywhere – we found out the upstart brand will offer […]

Fri 03.09

Frugal Friday: Jérôme Dreyfuss Fits the Bill

Slightly funky and way cool, Jérôme Dreyfuss has the downtown vibe down pat. He clearly thinks about the woman who needs to move in style, especially when it comes to these two well-priced bags. From day to night, weekends to world travels, these will take you far – and leave some cash for fine dining […]

Mon 03.05

Miu Miu Linen And Ostrich Top Handle Bag: Roomy Without The Baggage

This roomy yet compact bag is perfect for everyday needs come spring. The Miu Miu Linen and ostrich top handle bag will give you the ability to store all your daily necessities as well as a few extra, but won’t leave you feeling like you’re going on a 19 mile hike up a mountain and […]

Mon 03.05

The Five Essentials Featuring Jennifer Meyer Maguire:

Jewelry master Jennifer Meyer Maguire began learning the craft when she was only six years old, from her grandmother, Edith. Her design career took off in 2004, when she found herself fruitlessly searching for a leaf-charm necklace – so she decided to just make one of her own! Now the busy mother of two fashions […]

Thu 03.01

Top 5 Spring-Break Backpacks: Make a Break for It

So the words “spring break” and “backpack” might bring to mind days of being an 18-year-old running off to wet ‘n’ wild Cabo to do body-shots, but let’s put a different spin on the idea. After making it through February, I know we could all use a little rest and relaxation in the sun (if […]

Mon 02.20

Jérôme Dreyfuss Carlos Expandable Leather-Trimmed Canvas Tote: Week In, Week Out

It looks like wife Isabel Marant’s sense of unfussy Paris cool is rubbing off on Jérôme Dreyfuss. Not that he didn’t have it to begin with – this bag is just a much more laid-back take than many of his colorful leopard and python shake-ups. But Jérôme is a designer who always keeps us on […]