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Cease and Desist
Fri 12.16

Kate Moss x Longchamp Gloucester Bag: Hairy Mess

I almost bought a Diane von Furstenberg goat-hair vest last month that looked amazing on my friend with blonde hair, until I looked in the mirror and realized the goat hair looked like an extension of my own hair. When you can’t tell the difference between your mane and your jacket, you need a change … Continue reading Kate Moss x Longchamp Gloucester Bag: Hairy Mess

Fri 02.18

Prada Denim and Crocodile Hobo

Prada makes some of the most gorgeous bags I have ever seen. This? Not one of them. I am all for denim and crocodile. But when the denim is on my handbag I can’t help but think I’ve jumped in a time machine and headed to a time when Mariah was an actress and starring … Continue reading Prada Denim and Crocodile Hobo

Mon 01.25

Roger Vivier: King of Red Carpet Bags

I’m awarding Kate Hudson as best Bag Snob for the SAG awards.  Sure she looks amazing in the backless Emilio Pucci number but her Roger Vivier Prisme Clutch is all I’m looking at! I previewed it at a Vivier event last Fall and have obsessed over it for months.  I also met the charming Bruno … Continue reading Roger Vivier: King of Red Carpet Bags

Wed 11.07

55 Secret Street

Thank you, Nichelle. Your support is much appreciated. Read article here.

Wed 11.07

Second City Style breaks it down.

The love from our publishing friends continue… Thanks, Lauren. Check out what Second City Style has to say. Read article here.

Wed 11.07

Kristopher Dukes tells it like it is!

Kristopher, who is like a little sister to us (a bit wild and a bit naughty but that’s the best kind of lil’ sis right?) has put in her two cents on this matter. Read complete article here.

Sat 09.22

Bag Snob Trademark

It has come to our attention that certain people are using the name “bagsnob” or “bagsnobs” to sell goods online. Regardless of how fabulous the bags, they are certainly not the REAL Bag Snobs (meaning us). We have filed a trademark application for our name, Bag Snob, with the USPTO to prevent this type of … Continue reading Bag Snob Trademark

Thu 01.25

Buyer Beware

A friend of mine alerted me to an online boutique that may be selling fake bags. She bought a metallic pink Balenciaga Le Dix from three years ago and recently discovered that it is a fake! She wrote to the site and asked about authenticity and their answer was that the bags are rejects … Continue reading Buyer Beware

Thu 12.15

The First Amendment Is SOOO Last Season

We received this letter today from the lawyers representing the retail website (we are not allowed to mention their name) reported in our story “A Real Story About a Fake Paddington” and were asked to take it down. It is, in our opinion, a disservice to the shopping community but unless there are lawyers out … Continue reading The First Amendment Is SOOO Last Season