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Tue 06.16
Rihanna x Giorgio Armani Le Sac 11

Rihanna x Giorgio Armani Le Sac 11: Classic Does It

Could simple, streamlined totes be having a moment? Sure, elegant Célines and Victoria Beckhams have been Snob favorites for years, but you don’t necessarily expect Bad Gal RiRi to carry such a classic style. Maybe it’s in response to all of the clown couture we see paraded on the streets.

Fri 06.12

Jennifer Lawrence Wears Elizabeth and James: Playing Favorites

When celebs carry anything more than once, you know they really love it. (You also know they really own it!) And what’s not to love about this summery bucket bag? Even I can’t resist cool kids’ brand Elizabeth and James.

Wed 06.03
Kerry Washington x Goyard Saint Louis PM Tote

Kerry Washington x Goyard Saint Louis PM Tote: London Lady

It may be cold in London, but Kerry Washington is keeping warm with a Goyard Saint Louis PM tote in the color of the season! While we may be used to seeing a lot of vibrant looks on her, every Snob has to indulge in an all-black look from time to time.

Mon 05.25
Emmy Rossum’s Schoolgirl Chic

Emmy Rossum’s Schoolgirl Chic: A+ Start to Summer

School may be out for summer, but the schoolgirl look most certainly is not and the number one student in the style is the lovely Emmy Rossum. As is always the case with these kinds of outfits, a sense of grown-up sophistication is required…

Fri 05.22
Chrissy Teigen x Balenciaga Cable Strap Small Shopper Bag

Chrissy Teigen x Balenciaga Cable Strap Small Shopper Bag: The Hostess with the Mostest

It seems Chrissy Teigen and I have a thing or two in common…we both love a black and white outfit! And I must say, her taste in bags and cat-eye sunnies is equally Snobby.

Thu 05.21

Vanessa Hudgens x Chloé Faye Mini Crossbody Bag: Not for the Faye-nt of Heart

Vanessa Hudgens is known for her boho, Coachella style, but she doesn’t reserve the look solely for the California desert.

Tue 05.19

Nicky Hilton x Lady Dior: The Girl’s Girl

Spring pastels? Not for Nicky Hilton! In spite of everyone’s desire for an end to winter, there has been very little springtime to enjoy; we’ve kind of gone straight into summer, so it’s getting hot in NYC.

Tue 05.05
Sienna Miller Wears Roger Vivier

Sienna Miller Wears Roger Vivier: A Place in the Sunshine

Sienna Miller was walking on sunshine on May 3rd in New York City. Of course, her sun-streaked blonde bob, naturally warm disposition, and Manhattan’s gorgeous weather had something to do with it, but most specifically, it’s Sienna’s big, bright Roger Vivier tote.

Mon 05.04
Victoria Beckham City Victoria Leather Tote

Victoria Beckham City Victoria Leather Tote: The City Girl

No matter how many years it’s been since she went by the moniker, Victoria Beckham will always be Posh, wherever she goes…and so will her bags!