Frugal Snob
Fri 06.21

Giuseppe Zanotti Body Harness: Strap Yourself In

This Giuseppe Zanotti body harness is one of those accessories that you see and want to try out, but are afraid of (was “harness” really the best name for it?). Don’t be scared! We’re going to be seeing a lot more of this look. It’s fun and provocative without veering into dominatrix territory, so it’s […]

Fri 06.14
Frugal Friday

Frugal Friday: Laurence Heller Embroidered Straw Clutches

Laurence Heller was the fashion editor of French Elle for 17 years before going into design himself, so he certainly has an eye for style and the kindness to make it available at a reasonable price. I think these are the least expensive bags I’ve ever featured, and god knows they’re not the worst. The […]

Thu 06.13
Flight 001 Travel Essentials

Flight 001 Travel Essentials: Pack Mentality

I just landed in Florence, so my mind is focused on all things travel! It’s hard to pare down your suitcase (I have three with me and had a nightmare the night before flying that Kelly and Rich left me on the curb with it all ‘cuz it wouldn’t fit in our car!) – I’d rather just make sure everything’s organized. That’s where Flight 001 comes in…

Thu 06.13

Dauphines of New York Birthday Headbands: Party Favors

Dauphines of New York always puts out gorgeous, well-priced hair accessories, but when they add the element of personalization, the appeal is even greater. Believe it or not, birthstones have been around since the first century! Mine is good old amethyst, which is faceted beautifully onto the February headband. For a boho look, wear yours […]

Tue 05.07

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Jewels Under $300

In addition to being Jewel Snobs, Tina and I are both Mom Snobs, and since Mother’s Day is the most important gift giving time of the year, we both wanted to offer up some ideas. No matter what extravagant gift she tells you to get her, all mom really wants is to know she is […]

Thu 04.25

Splurge vs. Steal: Louis Vuitton Monceau BB vs. Loeffler Randall Rider

There are coincidences, and then there are bags that are simply too alike not to point out. Was Loeffler Randall‘s Rider bag inspired by Louis Vuitton‘s Monceau? A resounding yes! There are plenty of bags out there in the mini-briefcase style, but Loeffler Randall didn’t even try to make theirs vaguely different. This is a dead ringer, […]

Wed 04.24

Get the Blues for Under $1,000

These are some blues that will never bring you down – a quick dip in crisp blue waters or lunch under sunny blue skies. Even if you live in an urban jungle where the sky is blocked by buildings and the sparkling ocean is miles away, one of these bags can be your daily escape […]

Fri 04.19

Best Beach Bags: Here Comes the Sun

The time for fun in the sun is almost here, but are you really ready to head out to the beach? While we Snobs love beautiful bags, it’s important to remember to keep the pricey ones at home for this field trip. A beach tote has to face all of the elements – sand, water, […]

Mon 04.15

Nude and Black Bags: Halfway There

Summer is the best time to indulge in your most vibrantly hued desires, but maybe you’re a little shy. In this case, a nude and black combo is the easiest way to pay homage to the trend that just won’t go away – colorblocking. So if you prefer subtly to look-at-me, then pair up with […]