Frugal Snob
Thu 09.05
Menswear-Inspired Fashion

Menswear-Inspired Fashion: Houndstooth or Dare

We know it’s not really a man’s world (it’s a Snob’s world), but the way fashion’s looking this fall, it’s certainly a menswear moment. From prints like trendy houndstooth and checks to tuxedo-inspired pieces, we just can’t seem to get enough. And while it’s always fun to borrow your boyfriend’s sweater, there’s something about getting the look tailored for a woman that’s even better…

Fri 08.30
Top 5 Bags Under $100

Top 5 Bags Under $100: How Low Can You Go?

While it is true that you can’t buy taste, I will be the first to admit that Frugal Snob bags in the $100 category are very hard to come by. I searched high and low (more low) to see if I was able to come up with a list of contenders that are not just good for the price but are actually good enough to be Snob worthy

Thu 08.29
Going Back in Time

Going Back in Time: Iconic Bags of the ‘90s

This was the decade of the it bag. I don’t mean to say that there weren’t iconic bags before – the term “it bag” was coined in the ‘90s! And there were many (yes, Dior is on this list twice – no, I won’t apologize). Which of these styles did you carry?

Wed 08.14
H&M 50 States of Fashion Contest

H&M 50 States of Fashion Contest: Win a Trip to NYC and $1,000 Shopping Spree!

Have you entered H&M’s 50 States of Fashion contest yet? All you need to do is Instagram a photo of yourself in the latest H&M outfit with hashtag #HMShopOnlineTX (the last two letters should be your state’s – i.e. #HMShopOnlineNJ for New Jersey) to be automatically entered to win the grand prize…

Tue 08.13
Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes: Phillip Lim x Target StyleScape

Are you excited for the release of the 3.1 Phillip Lim x Target collection?? I partnered with Target to bring together the biggest fashion influencers in Dallas for a top-secret photo shoot last week. While I can’t reveal the exact nature of the project, I can tell you this – it will blow your mind when it’s revealed at the September 5th launch party in NYC!

Wed 08.07
Top 5 Boxes Under $200

Top 5 Boxes Under $200: Hard Shell, Easy Sell

A box clutch is a must for Fall. Alexander McQueen (to-die-for ornate knuckle-dusters) and Bottega Veneta (beautiful blends of intrecciato leather and offbeat embroidery) make the best ones in my opinion. But the steep prices of their hard-shelled clutches are hard to swallow, even for me.

Tue 08.06
Going Back in Time

Going Back in Time: Iconic Bags of the ‘70s

The ‘70s were coined as the “Me Decade,” and this emphasis on individuality brought about a wide range of styles from that of groovy hippies to DVF’s iconic wrap dress to glam rock David Bowie. One movement defined bag design more than any other, though – feminism.

Fri 08.02
Going Back in Time

Going Back in Time: Iconic Bags of the ‘60s

I may not have been around for the Swinging ‘60s (I’m not that old!), but there’s a lot to love about the generation – Twiggy, white go-go boots, Balenciaga, the Beatles, Catherine Deneuve in Belle du Jour, and of course, bags! This was the decade when women finally broke out of the tweed jacket/chain bag combo and embraced their personal style.

Mon 07.22

Valentino Rockstud Chain Flap Bag: Put On Some Rouge

It’s a rouge, rouge world! And I just scored the bag to put me on top of it: Valentino’s newest rockstud flap bag.