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Thu 12.31
End the Year With a Bag

End the Year With a BAG!: Happy New Year

After a year of great collaborations (Rag & Bone! Mark Cross! Derek Lam!), I’m closing out the year with Barbie and Vogue China. As a little girl, I loved Barbie and had everything from Barbie’s Dreamhouse to her mobile home with a pool on the roof deck. It’s been so much fun to reunite with my childhood bestie! In time for New Year’s Eve, she has a miniaturized version of our Audrey jewel box, perfect for a glam night out with Ken and friends. (Note the Asian Barbie in my honor. Wish we had these when we were kids!) Read on for more bags you’ll want by your side when you welcome in the New Year – and that you’ll want to keep carrying for the rest of 2016.

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Wed 12.30
Top 10 Cures for the Blues

Top 10 Cures for the Blues

The word “blue” has gotten a bad rap in modern times, particularly in American culture. Blue Christmas, the Monday blues, singing the blues, heck, blue balls…I could go on until I’m blue in the face! In reality, blue is the most uplifting color of all. Just look to the sky on a bright, sunny day. It’s an instant mood-enhancer, just like crystal-clear blue water.

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Fri 12.25
Cyber Christmas

Cyber Christmas: NET-A-PORTER up to 70% Off

Santa didn’t bring you everything on your list? Check out the further reductions of up to 70% off on NET-A-PORTER! Charlotte Olympia’s Perfume clutch may seem silly at almost $700, but at $270 it would be silly to pass up. Get it by New Year’s Eve to celebrate the night away!

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Thu 12.24
The Snob Staff Wish List

The Snob Staff Wish List: What We Want for Christmas

In case you were wondering what we’re hoping for this holiday season, here are the picks that top the (lengthy) wish lists of our very own staff. And in the spirit of wishing, we wish you a merry, Snobby Christmas from our family to yours!

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Wed 12.23

Pantone Color of 2016: Rose Quartz

Pantone’s Spring 2016 color report is in, and rose quartz is the color of the New Year. Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, noted, “Colors this season transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves.” Well, no color makes me feel happier than the perfect shade of pink! Get a jump on the rose quartz craze with a variety of essentials that run the gamut from actual stones to pale pink accents to vivid showstoppers.

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Tue 12.22
Top 5 Food and Cocktail-Inspired Bags

Top 5 Food and Cocktail-Inspired Bags: Eat, Dress, and Be Merry!

It’s that time of year when we have feasting and drinking on the brain (much to our New Year’s resolution-fueled January 1st selves’ chagrin). Why not playfully put this on display with our accessories? When everything is lit up brightly enough to hail a spaceship, your usual boxy, black tote seems tired. Wire up with a tasty treat! And while these kitschy bags may seem frivolous, some are actually more practical than expected – making the holiday hangover just a little less painful.

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Mon 12.21

New Year’s Resolution: Spend Less and Get More Bags

We all want to spend less, all year round, but this New Year’s you can really stick to your resolution to save, thanks to so many enticing options for bags that are frugal yet uncompromising on style and quality. These bags are ones you’ll want regardless of price. They are that good.

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Wed 12.16
Camera Clutches

Camera Clutches: Picture This

As much as I love my iPhone (maybe too much, in fact!), I’ve been making a point to lug around my Canon Rebel t5i as of late. When it comes to capturing special moments like my boy’s drama performance and piano recital, I want the images to be crisp and clear; and while smart phone cameras have come a long way, poor lighting may keep even the most sophisticated of iPhone photographers from getting that once-in-a-lifetime, split-second shot.

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Fri 12.11
The Shape of the Season

The Shape of the Season: Getting Boxed In

The shape we are obsessing over right now is the rectangular box. It’s actually one of the most classic shapes, but we go in phases when we gravitate towards a particular silhouette (from the slouchy hobo to the structured tote or bucket) and right now, the rectangle is where we’re headed.

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