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Thu 02.10

Madewell-The Scholar Satchel

Just because you’re a Frugal Snob doesn’t mean you need a blah bag. Enter Madewell’s Scholar Satchel. The words “messenger bag” tend to make me gag, but this satchel is a chic messenger bag. Yes, there is such a thing. I would consider going back to school if one was required to be a “scholar” … Continue reading Madewell-The Scholar Satchel

Tue 01.25

Tod’s Men’s Fall 2011

The color palette for Tod’s fall men’s collection says it all: chocolate brown, warm honey, marble stone and earthy sand. Yes, it’s all about distinct yet classic bags, many in exotic skins like crocodile and python, that exude a richness that only Tod’s can create. A key piece is the transversal 24-hour bag, designed not … Continue reading Tod’s Men’s Fall 2011

Thu 12.02

Michael Kors iPad Cases

As an early adopter to the iPad the one huge downside was the lack of cute accessories for it. Mainly the case. I decided to get a cheapo ugly black cover while I waited for better ones but little did I expect the windfall of so many fabulous choices. The leading contender is this Michael … Continue reading Michael Kors iPad Cases

Fri 11.19

Mulberry Bayswater Patent-Leather Laptop Case

More important than any other electronic device, my MacBook has become my second brain and it’s questionable as to whether my first brain is any more powerful (although there is still no app that can reliably tell you if a bag is Snobworthy!!). To show my high level of respect for it, I simply cannot … Continue reading Mulberry Bayswater Patent-Leather Laptop Case

Fri 09.17

Fashion Week Survival Guide

Now that New York Fashion Week is sadly over, many are preparing for London, Milan and Paris shows. We will not be heading to Europe this season but have put together a fashion week survival list for those who are (or who wish they were!) 1. Stella McCartney Python Print Tote: You never know when … Continue reading Fashion Week Survival Guide

Wed 09.08

Gucci Opens New Digital Flagship:

A new luxury digital flagship store has debuted at following an 18 month renovation under the direction of brand creative director Frida Giannini. Visitors to the new site travel online through the experience of a physical Gucci retail store, where products are displayed against a backdrop of gold, light beige, rosewood and other sophisticated … Continue reading Gucci Opens New Digital Flagship:

Fri 08.27

Smythson of Bond Street iPhone and iPad Covers

I already love Smythson and now that they are taking care of my technology needs, the love has turned to sheer obsession. The colors, the quality and the function! Everything a girl can ask for! This iPhone case is great for those like me who don’t really want a case but need one because I’m … Continue reading Smythson of Bond Street iPhone and iPad Covers

Thu 07.29

Badgley Mischka Caroline Knot Tote

This is an OK bag but a fantastic laptop and work bag! Bag Snobs don’t use briefcases, that is so passe. This tote with the knot detail adds some razzle dazzle so it can easily translate to the evening without looking like you’re still clocked in. If you slouch it (by not putting a laptop … Continue reading Badgley Mischka Caroline Knot Tote

Thu 07.22

Valextra “The Bike” Large Messenger

Ooooh, a new bag from Valextra. And I can can share this one with my husband (or not). The messenger may look specific for work but nobody needs to know you have your laptop in there. Loosen the adjustable strap and wear it long and low across your hip for the current fashiony cross body … Continue reading Valextra “The Bike” Large Messenger