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Thu 07.01

Oscar de la Renta Mosaico iPad Clutch

I’m about to (finally!) order my iPad but am more concerned about which iPad cover I’m going to get. I think I should make sure it has a chic bag to live in before I buy it, don’t you? I mean, would you buy a sofa before deciding on the house? Exactly.  A strong contender … Continue reading Oscar de la Renta Mosaico iPad Clutch

Thu 06.24

Salvatore Ferragamo iPad Cases

It really was just a matter of time before fashion’s premier luxury brands all roll out iPad cases to keep up with the Joneses. Salvatore Ferragamo is the latest to announce the launch of an iPad case, and while it is among the first brands in the luxury sector to do so, what separates this … Continue reading Salvatore Ferragamo iPad Cases

Wed 01.20

Rebecca Minkoff Virginia

I picked-up the Rebecca Minkoff Virgina ($98) a few weeks ago for my trip to Nicaragua. The bright pink just screamed sunny beach, so I thought it would be very appropriate for my Central American vaca 🙂 The price point is good, the bag is chic, but not showy (I didn’t want to buy anything … Continue reading Rebecca Minkoff Virginia

Fri 12.04

Snobulous Holiday Gift Ideas

Are you done with holiday shopping?  If you are procrastinating it’s probably for those on your list who are notoriously difficult to shop for. That’s why I have chosen a theme this year, catered to the jet-setting set. Travel gifts are thoughtful, fun and pragmatic.  There are extravagant options but most are absolutely affordable but … Continue reading Snobulous Holiday Gift Ideas

Fri 10.16

Marni Slouchy Suede Cross-body

Marni bags have changed completely since they lost their designers, it took a season to get back on their feet and although the bags this season aren’t all winners, there are a couple that are good staples. And that may be a change for the positive since their bags used to be uber trendy. Great … Continue reading Marni Slouchy Suede Cross-body

Mon 08.31

Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Striped Tote

This striped crocodile tote from Nancy Gonzalez is really unique and interesting, not to mention a thousand times better looking in person.  The strips of crocodile meticulously sewn on to the suede gives it the accordion looking pleats that I find most appealing.  It’s like getting the look of fringes without actual fringes.  I’m also … Continue reading Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Striped Tote

Mon 06.22

Jimmy Choo Blythe: Office Chic

A few readers emailed me that they got the Jimmy Choo Blythe for work and that it fits everything but the kitchen sink. I say, you will make it to CEO soon (if you aren’t already) with such a hot bag. It shows you are above the curve and possess exceptional decision making skills. The … Continue reading Jimmy Choo Blythe: Office Chic

Thu 06.18

One Language Canvas Tote

Now here is a tote that makes sense and has good value, unlike the Valextra canvas tote for $1060. Yes, it is true you can get a canvas tote for $20 but if you look at the construction the breakdown in quality is obvious. This One Language tote is beautifully made, has a great design … Continue reading One Language Canvas Tote

Wed 06.17

Nectar Cell Phone Bag

I would like to start out by apologizing for even putting up pictures of these bags on Bag Snob. These Cell Phone bags are for the ultimate phone addict. There is a pocket with a clear touch pad friendly plastic window so that you can see messages and perform simple functions. I’m sorry, if you … Continue reading Nectar Cell Phone Bag