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Mon 11.25
Belt Bags

Belt Bags: Hands-Free Holiday Shopping

It’s time to gear up for battle, and by battle I mean Black Friday (and all the sale days preceding, as it seems they’re earlier and earlier every year!) and by gear I mean a belt bag. It may seem crazy to suggest buying a bag in order to go buy other things, but it’s better to be hands-free so that you can shop in top form.

Thu 11.14

Interview Essentials: A Job Well Done

Walking around the NYU campus provides you with a lot of hilarious, insightful, or plain quintessential college conversations. Lately though, internships and jobs have been a popular topic – and more importantly, what to wear to an interview.

Wed 10.30

Top 5 Saddle Bags: Saddling Towards Chic

I love saddle bags, but I still have yet to find a version that actually reflects the easy, graceful lines of a beautifully made horse saddle. For me, there is nothing more effortlessly chic than the breezy spirit of a saddle bag.

Wed 10.30

Chanel Boy Chain Bag: Get On the Chain Gang

I’ve been eying the Chanel Boy since it first came out; I just haven’t been able to pull the trigger, as I’ve been over-thinking it (a twist on a classic, does it read too trendy?). But now there’s this version. The Chain bag.

Fri 10.25
Dolce & Gabbana Anna Crossbody Box Bag

Dolce & Gabbana Anna Crossbody Box Bag: The Mile-High Club

This bag is a trip. It’s essentially a tiny suitcase, and how cute is that? It reminds me of the old days of airplane travel (before my time!) when people got dressed up to fly and flight attendants were chic and glamorous.

Thu 10.24
Fendi Mirrored Resin Box Clutch

Fendi Mirrored Resin Box Clutch: Ice Ice Baby

What do you think: luxurious ice cube tray or cool-as-ice clutch? While part of me is fighting the urge to place Fendi’s box clutch in the freezer, that wouldn’t a wise move for such an expensive little piece of hand candy.

Tue 10.15
Stella McCartney Beckett Bag

Stella McCartney Beckett Bag: Battle of the Bags

Bags are beginning to blur together. Perhaps that’s why I’m currently so attracted to bags like the insect Damien Hirst for Prada Entomology bag. These days, it takes a lot to stand out, even for designers with a wealth of creativity. Take Stella McCartney, for example.

Thu 10.10

Tom Ford Beaded Ring Clutch and Mink-Fur Bracelet Bag: Blurred Lines

As the line between art and fashion continues to blur (just look at Chanel’s Spring ’14 collection), so does the line that divides jewelry and bags. If Tom Ford has anything to do with it (and what does Tom Ford not have a hand in, really?), it will evaporate entirely.

Tue 10.08
Top 5 Day Bags for Fall

Top 5 Day Bags for Fall: Carry On…and On…and On

There are days when it’s all about the bag. You take out your wardrobe’s best and enjoy putting forth the energy to baby it with precious treatment. And then there are those days when life gets in the way and you’re too busy to worry about taking care of an investment piece while you go about your business.