Mon 07.29
Black and White Marni Bag

Marni Bi-Color Turn-Lock Bag: We All Need a Little Structure

This may not be fun Marni, but the brand’s serious side is just as desirable (and even more wearable). A structured tote like this is perfect for everyday wear, and still oozes personality from its bi-color combo to its removable straps. The bag updates the black and white look with tan piping, softening the style to ensure maximum versatility even once the graphic trend passes.

Fri 07.19
Snob Essentials Sneak Peek

Stella McCartney Winter ’13 Ad Campaign

Ahhh, I love Stella McCartney! It’s guilt-free shopping in so many ways from that fact that it’s all undeniably chic down to her use of biodegradable materials. Her new Winter campaign will be unveiled in the September issues of all our favorite glossies, but here’s a sneak peek for Bag Snob readers.

Tue 07.02
Karl Lagerfeld Bowletto Expandable Leather Tote

Karl Lagerfeld Bowletto Expandable Leather Tote: Bowled Over

As a regular bag, I wouldn’t use this. But as a carry-on, gym duffel, or overnighter, it’s perfect. Especially because it has a detachable shoulder strap, which makes for hands-free travel, wherever you go.

Wed 06.26
Micro Luggage

Micro Luggage: Travel Snob

With all of the traveling I’ll be doing this summer, nothing would be better for my feet, busy schedule, and general sanity than a scooter suitcase. To think there was once a time when I thought adding wheels onto luggage was the greatest invention ever! Micro takes it up a notch by combining their scooter with Samsonite’s quality hard-shell case.

Thu 06.13
Flight 001 Travel Essentials

Flight 001 Travel Essentials: Pack Mentality

I just landed in Florence, so my mind is focused on all things travel! It’s hard to pare down your suitcase (I have three with me and had a nightmare the night before flying that Kelly and Rich left me on the curb with it all ‘cuz it wouldn’t fit in our car!) – I’d rather just make sure everything’s organized. That’s where Flight 001 comes in…

Mon 04.01

Top 5 Gym Class Heroes

There was once a time when people carried actual gym bags to the gym, instead of their leather totes. Granted, I don’t go to the gym very often, but when I do, I actually work out so I want a bag that’s functional. I don’t carry my crocodile Birkins into the locker room like some […]

Mon 02.18

Fendi Giano x DVF Sutra: Two-Faced Clutches

Sometimes all it takes is a fashion quick change to keep your spirits high throughout the workday. These clutches are perfect for those split personality moments. Just a flick of the wrist and you’re carrying a different bag. It’s like magic – you’ll be a woman of mystery and intrigue. First there’s Fendi’s Giano (on […]

Tue 01.29

Jessica Chastain x Belstaff Wimbourne Clutch: Rev Your Engines

Belstaff is my current obsession (and I’ll admit it was initially fueled by those smoldering Ewan McGregor ads). The ability to take tire tread and large buckled straps and create such ladylike bags is just a testament to the brand’s brilliant reinvention. As Jessica Chastain shows with her flawlessly-coiffed locks, you don’t have to be […]

Wed 01.23

Narciso Rodriguez Python Clutch: Snakeskinny Silhouette

What began as curiosity has turned into obsession. Linen and exotics are an unusual combination, but I ultimately feel that it was really smart to use python on the flap of this thin Narciso Rodriguez ($1,700). You get the sense of a true exotic without the high price, and the matte black texture is absolutely […]