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Fri 11.09

UPPAbaby Vista: The Newest “It” Stroller

Here’s Reese Witherspoon lifting her precious baby Tennessee out of his UPPAbaby smart stroller (we have smart phones, smart cars, now smart strollers!). Available in half a dozen color combos, the Vista has quickly become the new “it” stroller for celeb and average moms alike. That’s right – the reign of the Bugaboo is coming … Continue reading UPPAbaby Vista: The Newest “It” Stroller

Thu 05.03

Top 5 Handy Bags: Get a Handle on the Clutch!

I’m tired of not knowing where to put my clutch when I’m having a drink or in the bathroom stall. Enough is enough! I’m even trying to invent something to mitigate this problem but in the meantime, it’s only handle-clutches for me. No more tucking my prized bags in my armpit or squeezing them to … Continue reading Top 5 Handy Bags: Get a Handle on the Clutch!

Thu 03.01

Top 5 Perforated Bags: Breathe Easy

Take the weight off for spring! A big, perforated bag is breezy, breathable, and easygoing. All those delicate cutouts lighten the load and relax the mood, adding as much interest as a pattern but with complete neutrality. Just a touch of open-air texture brings a sense of fresh wonderment to classic bags. 1) Yves Saint … Continue reading Top 5 Perforated Bags: Breathe Easy

Thu 01.19

The Honest Company: Jessica Alba Honors Moms and Tots Alike

Along with several partners, mom-of-two Jessica Alba just announced the launch of the Honest Company, an eco-friendly line of family essentials, which are available through a monthly subscription service at The safest and most sustainable products tend to be created by parents for parents, and there is no better mom for the job than … Continue reading The Honest Company: Jessica Alba Honors Moms and Tots Alike

Tue 12.13

Top 5 Canvas Totes: Tote Up and Downsize

This weekend, the New York Times published an article deeming inexpensive – and often giveaway – canvas totes as the price-efficient and eco-conscious replacement for our luxury “It” bags. Quite an interesting article, but do you think it’s accurate? I love my Alexander McQueen canvas bag, courtesy of the Met’s exhibit; Lauren Bush’s FEED bag; … Continue reading Top 5 Canvas Totes: Tote Up and Downsize

Tue 02.01

Bags are the new dress!

This is one of the most creative uses of bags I have ever seen. Envirosax, designer of reusable bags, showed its latest creation by Amit Ayalon at Sundance Film Festival’s Alive! Expo Green Pavilion recently.  There is a jacket, Victorian corset, back scroll piece, bustle and skirt– so creative and beautifully thought out!  I’d wear … Continue reading Bags are the new dress!

Wed 10.13

Trend Alert: Paper Baggin’ It

The latest craze in handbags? No, it’s not crocodile or ostrich, it’s…. paper bags! While Bottega Veneta used actual paper for its woven clutch, Proenza Schouler’s version is merely inspired by paper bags.  We were fascinated with Bottega’s innovative use of paper in its bags when we previewed them in Milan last spring.  I mean, … Continue reading Trend Alert: Paper Baggin’ It

Fri 07.30

Clementine Art Supplies

You know how messy arts and crafts can be so you can only imagine where all that paint and glue is ending up, most likely everywhere and in every crevice of your tot. I would feel better if the art supplies my tots are using were non-toxic and environmentally friendly. There are a lot of … Continue reading Clementine Art Supplies

Tue 06.08

Prada B.Y.O. Bags

Hermes had their Silky Pop bags but hello, a grand for a grocery bag is a bit too ridiculous even for the Bag Snob! There are of course endless options for reusable bags but Prada just came out with ones that are relatively reasonable at $295 (notice I didn’t say “affordable”) with real design behind … Continue reading Prada B.Y.O. Bags