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Wed 11.25
Barneys Sale

Barneys Sale: Up to 40% Off!

After a long day spent on a photo shoot with Barbie in Beverly Hills (Yes, it was as fun hanging out with Barbie and her friends as I always imagined it would be!), I treated myself to a quick stop at Barney’s winter sale. From knee-high Givenchy boots and towering Alaïa platforms to The Row satchels and my favorite Nina Ricci Marche bag, it felt like an embarrassment of riches – and I was ready to indulge.

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Mon 11.23
Top 5 Manic Monday Bags

Top 5 Manic Monday Bags: Earthy Embellishments

Each and every week doesn’t start with a bang. Sometimes you get the luxury of easing on in, especially when it comes to weeks that end early like this one, which officially kicks off the holiday season. Speaking of luxury, these easygoing, new bags possess a different kind of luxe appeal, proving earthy embellishments with a rustic twist can be as alluring as the all-out glam stuff.

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Fri 11.13
Gianfranco Lotti

Gianfranco Lotti: One Piece Only, Beyond Luxury

It is hard to resist the whiles of the supremely romantic city of Florence and the legendary artistic heritage that’s so deeply embedded in its bones. As the birthplace of the Renaissance, arguably the culturally richest era in the history of time, Florence is where artists roamed and reaped divine inspiration in the process. Centuries later, everywhere you turn, history and beauty pours from the cobblestone streets and statue-studded piazzas. It’s no wonder some of the best bag craftsmen in the world are found here.

Thu 11.12
Hermès Leathers

Hermès Leathers: A Healthy Addiction

I have often joked that there is something about Hermès leathers, much like the world’s most addictive drugs, that get women (well, me at least) high. The scent of Hermès leather is like no other, and once you catch a whiff, you only want more.

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Fri 11.06
The Most Expensive Bags in the World

The Most Expensive Bags in the World: Because You’re Worth It

As we head towards the holiday season, extravagance and fantasy begin to occupy our minds. For fun, as research, or for the sole sake of ogling, here are the most expensive bags money can buy, that are, indeed, worthy of their staggering prices.

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Thu 10.15
The Row Drum Bag 12

The Row Drum Bag 12: The Beat Goes On

With higher volume and nearly instantaneous exposure, luxury fashion is accessible to everyone now – and that’s a positive development. Luxury fashion shouldn’t be a clique of “mean girls” (and boys) but an alluring force in which everyone who’s interested can potentially take part.

Fri 10.09
Top 5 Tribal-Inspired Bags

Top 5 Tribal-Inspired Bags: What a Wonderful World

At first glance, you may not look at these bags and think that they’re all tribal-inspired, but there are many kinds of tribes; and by the looks of these, I want to join every last one! Which do you belong to?

Wed 10.07
The Top 6 Trendiest Bags to Buy Right Now

The Top 6 Trendiest Bags to Buy Right Now: Time is of the Essence

Thanks to street style and social media, fashion trends change with such rapid speed nowadays, it means they come back around as fast as they go. Who can keep track? That’s why you shouldn’t ever rid of anything you love. If it’s feeling tired, just put it in the back of your closet store it for another day.

Fri 10.02
Top 5 Squared-Off Bags

Top 5 Squared-Off Bags: The Box is Tops

I prefer structure over schloppy, floppy bags. But sharply boxy bags are not always functional. They can be unforgiving at your side, difficult to get in and out of, and hard-edged to the touch. Not the latest bunch!