Fri 07.04
American Designer Roundup

American Designer Roundup: Born on the Fourth of July

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the ultimate all-American holiday than with a roundup of looks from some of my all-time favorite all-American designers!

Wed 07.02
Center Paneled Bags

Center Paneled Bags: A Little Something Extra

A center panel of contrasting color (or texture!) can take a bag from basic to the big leagues with the simplest of juxtapositions…

Tue 07.01
Tom Ford Small Hidden-TF Crossbody Bag

Tom Ford Small Hidden-TF Crossbody Bag: Initial Reactions

Okay, so before you go and hate on this bag, as I was prepared to do upon first glance, take a closer look: “Hidden-TF” is the crossbody’s official name. Meaning, you, the wearer, have the option to hide the purposefully blatant initialized logo, or you can show off your dedication to Mr. Ford to all your friends.

Mon 06.30
Chloé Camille Crossbody Bag

Chloé Camille Crossbody Bag: Chloé’s Right on Cue

I cannot get enough of Chloé bags lately! The current object of my desire is the Camille crossbody bag: an absolutely adorable mini-bucket bag laden with some serious hardware.

Wed 06.25
Anya Hindmarch Corn Flakes and Frosties Clutches and Tote

Anya Hindmarch Corn Flakes and Frosties Clutches and Tote: Flaking Out

They’re grrreat…?! Fashion has officially gone lowbrow, and we’re hitting new levels of irony. From the fast-food drive-through to the supermarket, think cheap, suburban Americana for a high price.

Mon 06.23
Top 5 Packing Essentials

Top 5 Packing Essentials: Making It Work

Last week I appeared on Good Morning Texas to talk packing tips. The less you have to lug around when traveling, the better, but you also want to bring everything you need. With a few special tricks and some organizers, you can fit everything and maybe even have room left over for some shopping!

Fri 06.20
Barneys Sale

Best of the Barneys Sale: Buy Now, Wear Later…And Then Wear Some More

Barneys sales are the best, hands down. Shop with these bags in mind to get the most bang out of your sale buck.

Fri 06.20
Alexa Wagner Bauletto Handbag

Alexa Wagner Bauletto Handbag: See You Around

The petite little shape of this Alexa Wagner handbag makes it the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. But for a novelty piece, I don’t need it to come in crocodile. Let me rephrase that, rather: I don’t want to pay the high price of croc for a fun, lighthearted bag that clearly doesn’t warrant an investment-level price tag.

Wed 06.18
Okapi Bags

Okapi Bags: Lucky in Luxury

Back in 2008, painter Hanneli Rupert launched what is now seen as one of Africa’s first luxury bag brands – Okapi.