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Fri 05.02
The Five Essentials Featuring Micaela Erlanger

The Five Essentials Featuring Micaela Erlanger

Remember when we all gasped at Lupita N’yongo’s stunning Golden Globes’ gown (and pretty much every other time she appeared anywhere)? The woman behind that look – as well as those of Michelle Dockery – is Micaela Erlanger. She’s the stylist to the stars – and the best-dressed ones at that!

Tue 12.31
The Five Essentials

The Five Essentials: The Best of 2013

As we look forward to the Resort treats, covetable Spring musts, and everything else tempting us into 2014, let’s pause and take a look back at the best of the past year. A lot of bags have come, stolen our hearts, and gone, but only a handful have what it takes to withstand the test of time (even if we’re only talking 12 months).

Fri 05.03
Maiyet, Delsey, Mark Cross, Smythson, Marni Mother's Day Bags

Because She’s Worth It: The Five Essentials for Mother’s Day

Mom bags – as in suitable for diapers – these are not. These Five Essentials are the bags women want, covet, and deserve for Mother’s Day. This isn’t a holiday for practical gifts (Mom is practical all year long!). That, to me, is disrespectful. Instead, show your mother how much you love her by showering […]

Wed 03.27
Caroline Issa

The Five Essentials Featuring Caroline Issa:

Tastemaker, fashion editor, designer, model, and business savant: if this sounds like too many roles for one woman to take on without losing her cool – or her Choos – think again. Caroline Issa, the globetrotting wonder-woman and Executive Fashion Director of TANK Magazine (where high-art meets high fashion), makes it all look easy. With […]

Fri 01.11
Emmy Rossum

The Five Essentials Featuring Emmy Rossum

With a powerhouse voice and real acting chops, Emmy Rossum is a rare breed of double-threat. Have you watched Shameless yet? It’s my new guilty pleasure: the Gallaghers are the family you love to hate but can’t help but love. Indeed, producers initially feared Emmy was “too pretty” for therole, but she plays Fiona with […]

Fri 01.04
Lady Mary

Getting into Character: The Five Essentials for Lady Mary

Downton Abbey is back on PBS this Sunday, and I can’t wait! My biggest burning question – will Lady Mary and Matthew really get married?? What will she wear for the wedding? As early 20th century British aristocrats, the star-crossed couple is always dressed to the nines. And with this season kicking off the 1920s, […]

Mon 12.24
Five Essentials for the Snob in Her 40′s

Five Essentials for the Snob in Her 40’s

By the time you’ve hit the 4-0, you’ve hit your stride. You know what you like, and better yet, you know how to get it. It’s all about genuine confidence (which was often elusive in your 20s!). You’re not trying to impress anyone, except yourself. No doubt it’s fun to be young, but nothing is […]

Thu 12.20
Five Essentials for the Snob in Her 30s

Five Essentials for the Snob in Her 30’s

When you hit 30, despite all the moaning and groaning, you suddenly seem to know yourself better than ever. What you need, what you want: it’s all within your reach. Bags included! Your 20s are for experimenting; by the time you’re into the next decade, a few investment-level pieces are key. Your essentials should be […]

Wed 12.19

Getting into Character: The Five Essentials for Carrie Mathison

If you’re not watching Homeland, odds are someone has already chastised you for it, and I’ll second them! Honestly, once you start, you can’t stop. Just ask the president – it’s his favorite show. Claire Danes has already won tons of awards for playing bipolar CIA officer Carrie Mathison on the Showtime thriller. Intrigued yet? […]